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Requirements & Functionality

Questions regarding the requirements and functionality of Integrated Settlement. Most of what is contained in the ISPG should be asked here, unless it fits better in another category

SubjectCreated byCompanyRepliesDiscussion Type
Is Line Item Location Code(#162) mandatory for Charge Category Miscellaneous?Vasco STAP Portugal0Question / Clarification
Sanity/Detail Validation check - Warnings and Validation ErrorsGudrun GLufthansa Cargo1Question / Clarification
Download Member contractsAnn SUS Airways, Inc.0Question / Clarification
New mandatory location codeLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc0Question / Clarification
SFI 40 Provional DataHarry HUS Airways, Inc.0Question / Clarification
Link supp doc in IS WEB after submission but before Link DeadlineGudrun GLufthansa Cargo2Question / Clarification
SIS Code for Credit or Debit for suspension memberZineb ARoyal Air Maroc2Question / Clarification
Submission of paper invoices after migration Shanti DAir Canada8Question / Clarification
FORM C issued datePorntipa S0Question / Clarification
need to delete FORMCPorntipa S0Question / Clarification
ICH F1Vasco STAP Portugal0Question / Clarification
Rejection testing requirementHo YCathay Pacific1Question / Clarification
geographical area fieldAndrea MAlitalia0Question / Clarification
Zip-file format out of Receivabels/Manage InvoiceAshley H0Question / Clarification
Linking support documentsPam FGreat Lakes Airlines, Ltd1Question / Clarification
CGO: Zip-file format out of Receivabels/Manage InvoiceGudrun GLufthansa Cargo0Question / Clarification
Invoice Reference DataErik MSAS3Question / Clarification
Test EnvironmentWenjie CAustralian Air Express1Question / Clarification
Naming of Supporting Documents fileErik MSAS1Question / Clarification
Partner Alliance/FF Miles - accrual/redemptionAndrea MAlitalia3Question / Clarification
Cargo create Rej Memo - Batch number allocationGudrun GLufthansa Cargo0Question / Clarification
SENDING FORMS D/E - IS WEBMarli STAM Linhas Aéreas6Question / Clarification
Disabling Location IDsSonja K0Question / Clarification
Supporting Doc file missing attachment fileLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
PONumberErik MSAS1Question / Clarification
Correspondence Status ReportAndrea MAlitalia0Question / Clarification
Processed Invoice Data CSV fileLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Invoice definitionsCynthia SAeronautical Radio Inc.2Question / Clarification
Supporting documentsLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Consolidated files attachementsVasco STAP Portugal1Question / Clarification
Billing for handled AWBsTobin G2Question / Clarification
Supporting Doc formatLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Validation of SFI 30 element 15Harry HUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
Sponsored MembersSonja K1Question / Clarification
Sponsored MembersSonja K1Question / Clarification
Sequence of sending files to SISLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Invoice Number - Duplicate checkKhairiah MMalaysia Airlines1Suggestion (Change Request)
Aircraft Type CodeChristine DFederal Express1Question / Clarification
Attach supporting doc for an invoice sent automatically via XML fileLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc2Question / Clarification
Errors in CGO IS-IDEC fileMarta MIBERIA0Suggestion (Change Request)
XML as billing memberErik MSAS4Question / Clarification
Listing to Billing RateJeremy DThe Airline Software Co0Question / Clarification
Supporting Documents ZIP fileEric BAir France1Question / Clarification
manual rejection through IS-WebKatarzyna K0Question / Clarification
Unable to save a RM Cpn in IS-WebHui HSilkair1Question / Clarification
Sending files to SIS Cargo PRODMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
OAR file to LYMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Purging of output dataHayato IAll Nippon Airways3Question / Clarification
Uploading of XML ZIP fileSuathong QSIA5Question / Clarification
Vat Tax Category definition informationMari OQantas4Question / Clarification
LineItemDetails vs Supporting DocsOlga KAeroflot1Question / Clarification
IATA SIS - SAP connectivetySarthak AInterglobe Technologies1Question / Clarification
Earliest ICH WEB OPT OUT dateGudrun GLufthansa Cargo1Question / Clarification
Supp Doc fileMichael VEL AL3Question / Clarification
XML file exceeding zipped 25 meg limitLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
ICH opt out airlinesEsther LSIA7Question / Clarification
Processed Invoice csv fileLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Engineering Charge CategorySuathong QSIA1Question / Clarification
Airport/Fees-ChargeCodeType FieldYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines3Question / Clarification
Misc-Minimum 5 invoices with at least 3 Charge Category - Code combinationLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
PartNo data field (Misc billings)Suathong QSIA1Question / Clarification
FIM Coupon 9Shankar S1Question / Clarification
Other Charges Code- CargoShankar S1Question / Clarification
Multiple Rejection MemosGudrun GLufthansa Cargo1Question / Clarification
Rejection memo with reason code 99Shanti DAir Canada7Question / Clarification
Companies that use IDEC Michael VEL AL0Question / Clarification
SIS Outbound file field mappingSuathong QSIA6Question / Clarification
CC Billing - CargoShankar S1Question / Clarification
Is there a max size for XML file?Lee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Deletion of correspondence - IS-WebShan LSIA5Question / Clarification
Errors in files produced by SISBarbara MTAP - Air Portugal4Question / Clarification
Charge category and charge code for MISC companyLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc3Question / Clarification
PAX Tax Amount ValidationTzung-hsing WChina Airlines1Suggestion (Change Request)
IATA IS XML Invoice standardSuathong QSIA2Question / Clarification
SIS Certification for CARGOMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
PAX Rej SC to Wrong SC billingTzung-hsing WChina Airlines1Question / Clarification
ProvisionalBillingMonthElias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
Masndatory AWB Breakdown P78 ISPGJeremy DThe Airline Software Co1Question / Clarification
Call Day Adjustment IS-XMLMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
IS-Web permission templateShan LSIA1Question / Clarification
File containing "/" is rejected - why?Elias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
Handling of Billing by other compniesMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Supporting documents received by ISBarbara MTAP - Air Portugal4Question / Clarification
Report Display ErrorNil OTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
ISPG chapter 9.4: Proposed list of Supporting DocumentsSandra KLufthansa3Question / Clarification
Time table for IS-WEB Cargo Michael VEL AL3Question / Clarification
Raise RM in IS-webPorntipa S1Question / Clarification
Is invoice failure reason viewable via Dashboard?Lee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
IDEC file from SISMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Invalid PO NumberYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines2Question / Clarification
Analysis and Operational ReportsZhiyun YXiamen Airlines1Question / Clarification
GDS RebillingYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Cargo Supporting Documents OAR (OAR-CGO-C-…) style sample fileMichael VEL AL2Question / Clarification
UATP Settlement through SISBrian MAer Lingus4Question / Clarification
About IS-validation CSV report Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin4Question / Clarification
HTML Sample of Rejection MemoGabriel PAerolineas Argentinas4Question / Clarification
tickets issued on behalf of partnersGilles CAir France1Question / Clarification
Tax code XTShankar S10Question / Clarification
Testing the sending of Supporting DocumentsLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc6Question / Clarification
Validation ErrorsMichael C4Question / Clarification
IS-Web User accessShan LSIA1Question / Clarification
Misc Supporting DocumentsMichael C1Question / Clarification
Code for Student AssociationShankar S1Question / Clarification
rounding differences for SIS invoice vs accounting invoiceKeith WAmerican Airlines2Question / Clarification
VAT on RejectionsDenelle D 1Question / Clarification
Correspondence outside Time LimitOlga KAeroflot1Question / Clarification
UATP QueryShankar S1Question / Clarification
FormC by IS-WEBHayato IAll Nippon Airways1Question / Clarification
Cargo IDEC sample fileMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
CoL to CoBErik MSAS2Question / Clarification
Rejection billing Exchange Rate Suathong QSIA1Question / Clarification
IS web ExcelHicham ARoyal Air Maroc1Question / Clarification
Rejection of line itemsSuathong QSIA1Question / Clarification
Downloading Detailed Inward & Outward Billings from IS-WEB for Quality Audit CheckingRussell F2Question / Clarification
PAX RC 6A/6B ValidationTzung-hsing WChina Airlines1Suggestion (Change Request)
Billed cust migrates but billing entity not yet migratedLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Detailed Validation resultsMichael VEL AL3Question / Clarification
Settlement for partner carrierClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
rejection via IS-WebChristian KAustrian1Question / Clarification
Transaction fee for UATPShankar S1Question / Clarification
Partial RejectionEsther LSIA1Question / Clarification
Sandbox TestYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Supporting documentsEsther LSIA1Question / Clarification
Codeshare CommissionGeralda VTAM Linhas Aéreas3Question / Clarification
Disabling of Form 1 Generation settingsSuathong QSIA1Question / Clarification
Misc Class - RejectionYixin WSIA9Question / Clarification
Form1 from iiNetYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Check digits from SISMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Official Data ListsChristina P1Question / Clarification
Updating IDEC by IS-WEBMichael VEL AL3Question / Clarification
Billing periodSubhasish BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Billing Star Alliance Upgrade Awards through SIS MiscErnesto PCOPA Airlines1Question / Clarification
Ground Handling invoice detailRajae HRoyal Air Maroc2Question / Clarification
OAR-STO Name ConventionDenelle D 4Question / Clarification
Clearence vs. Billing monthMichael VEL AL5Question / Clarification
Correspondence InvoiceEdoardo C1Question / Clarification
ISC Service Charge SignBrian MAer Lingus2Question / Clarification
Payable invoices downloadEdoardo C1Question / Clarification
Link supporting docHayato IAll Nippon Airways4Question / Clarification
IDEC for cargo example fileMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Files from SIS: IDEC / XMLMichael VEL AL8Question / Clarification
Rejection Stage with CM!Kaihong ZAir China Limited2Suggestion (Change Request)
2nd and 3rd Rejection Karin D3Question / Clarification
Detail Validation: Duplicate ErrorZarir S1Question / Clarification
Uploding of line items to SIS vs excel attachmentAndras PMALEV4Question / Clarification
Uniqueness of "Rejection Memo Number" / "Billing / Credit Memo Number"Michael VEL AL5Question / Clarification
Charge Amount CalculationYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
IS-IDEC vs. OLD-IDEC file namesMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
View invoice sent to sandboxLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Coupon Breakdown (Urgent)Cagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Supporting DocumentsJuhani PFinnair1Question / Clarification
Invoice CancellationYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Taxes also in Tax currencyClaudia LLufthansa3Suggestion (Change Request)
Date in F1FD report in csv format differsMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Rounding RuleElias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
Sandbox output filesLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc5Question / Clarification
Validation of Total Form B amount in Form D/E on SandboxTeodora WCroatia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Returning to Non-Migrated InvoicesYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines3Question / Clarification
Downgrade of IS-Format data to Old IDEC formatKonda RQantas17Question / Clarification
PDF for Form CClaudia LLufthansa3Question / Clarification
Fim Rejection SC 44Lori LDelta Air Lines2Question / Clarification
Sending an old invoiceLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Attachments on Billing HistoryMichael C6Question / Clarification
taxEdoardo C5Question / Clarification
Different source code used for rejection Shankar S2Question / Clarification
Single RM against BulkShankar S4Question / Clarification
Validation error text instead of "NIF"Claudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Flight date greater than ICH monthShankar S1Question / Clarification
Cargo Pilot Test and ISPGShankar S1Question / Clarification
Form one download formatShankar S1Question / Clarification
IS-XML not workingElias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
Test date for CARGOMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Sandbox not workingElias BSWISS2Question / Clarification
Invoicing Mail Mark CAir Malta p.l.c.1Question / Clarification
iiNET file processingNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE5Question / Clarification
Original Invoice Number(Miscellaneous)Ja LKorean Air1Question / Clarification
About Old-IDECYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Legal ArchivingKonda RQantas3Question / Clarification
Rejection Memo MigrationMark ZUS Airways, Inc.5Question / Clarification
Receipt of IS-Idec file from Migrated carrier to Non Migrated AirlineNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Will IS-WEB have access to Sandbox during testing?Lee SAeronautical Radio, Inc4Question / Clarification
ZIP - UNIX or Windows?Lee SAeronautical Radio, Inc7Question / Clarification
IS-XML schemas mentioned in 12.5 of ISPG are not availableLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Schedule of dates for implementationLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc3Question / Clarification
5Z for bulk coupons.Shankar S1Question / Clarification
Intend to send actual invoices as pdf supporting docLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Processing dashboardRussell F3Question / Clarification
Correspondence - how to select who to sent to?Esther LSIA5Question / Clarification
Sandbox Access Terms of UseLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Attachment FilesDenelle D 1Question / Clarification
Attachments - .xls formatEdoardo C1Question / Clarification
Difference between area location id and area location name?Sahil NUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
Supporting Documents in OAR and in IDECMichael VEL AL5Question / Clarification
Output file for Migrated Billed EntityMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines12Question / Clarification
UOMCode UOMCodeBaseMass MC failed validationSteven CEVA Air1Question / Clarification
Form 1Brian MAer Lingus2Question / Clarification
Form1 & Is-WEB Excel UploadYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines3Question / Clarification
Meaning of: Attachments Indicator Validated and Number Of AttachmentsMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Listing to Billing RateMark ZUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
Submiting FORM C XMLMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal1Question / Clarification
Correspondence for less than USD50Shankar S1Question / Clarification
Member Profile, When to initially configure?Lee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
VATDenelle D 1Question / Clarification
ZIP Files from SIS to Billed EntityMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines14Question / Clarification
Is there a limit on invoice size?Lee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Prorate absorptions ratesElias BSWISS2Question / Clarification
Attachment indicator Shankar S6Question / Clarification
Stored Supporting DocumentsIan BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Searching Invoice via PayablesMargaret SFederal Express4Question / Clarification
F1 Reports & Bilateral SettlementGabriel PAerolineas Argentinas1Question / Clarification
Will payment to continue in USD?Lee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Form 1 IATAPam FGreat Lakes Airlines, Ltd2Question / Clarification
Quantity@UOMCode (Billing Category : Miscellaneous)Ja LKorean Air7Question / Clarification
Fim Rejects - coupon breakdown record Debby WNavitaire2Question / Clarification
DetailNumber field(M Category)Ja LKorean Air1Question / Clarification
e-invoicing vs. IS-WEB or IS-IDECCher GJet Airways1Question / Clarification
Receivables Index.xml sample fileMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal1Question / Clarification
DownLoad Invoices from SISEsteban RLAN AIRLINES1Question / Clarification
IS-XML not available in Billing Entity Output FileNicole CLufthansa1Suggestion (Change Request)
SIS confirmation on files uploadedNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE7Question / Clarification
IS IDEC file handoffPam FGreat Lakes Airlines, Ltd1Question / Clarification
Validation & Sanity check ReportsMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal1Question / Clarification
3rd Party InvoicesRussell F1Question / Clarification
Detal validation for duplicatesKathy YAlaska Airlines3Question / Clarification
Connectivity TestingJa LKorean Air1Question / Clarification
BSP, SITA, ARINC by country (M-Class)David O5Question / Clarification
Misc/Training QuestionYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Misc/Publication QuestionYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Misc Question / Handling LMYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
ProrateSlipBreakdown with empty linesElias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
Charge Code IT ServicesEdoardo C1Question / Clarification
FlightDateTime (Miscellaneous Category)Ja LKorean Air1Question / Clarification
BM with RC 6A - ValidationClaudia LLufthansa3Question / Clarification
Upload IS-IDEC to IS sandbox testing environment, but file not found...Steven CEVA Air1Question / Clarification
Sending several ISXML files the same dayEric BAir France1Question / Clarification
Tax billing at rejection stageShankar S1Question / Clarification
Form 3Edoardo C2Question / Clarification
Correspondence for ref adjClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Supporting Documents file size limitationMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Supporting Documents and Offline Archive FileElias BSWISS3Question / Clarification
WORK WITH IS-IDEC AND IS-WEBMira KEL AL1Question / Clarification
UATPShankar S4Question / Clarification
ISC UATP Other Comm PercentageWang Q2Question / Clarification
Uniqueness of Invoice NumbersElias BSWISS4Question / Clarification
RM Cpn Tax brkdwn RecordKonda RQantas4Question / Clarification
Regarding the tolerance of USD0.50Ma YAccounting Centre of Chin6Question / Clarification
Handling of invoices for non-ICH carriersClaudia LLufthansa3Question / Clarification
MiscData@Name@UOMCodeJa LKorean Air3Question / Clarification
Sample Rejection FilesIan BVirgin Atlantic4Question / Clarification
Output IS-XML FileMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines3Question / Clarification
PDF InvoiceLipikhina OUT air3Question / Clarification
Access to Supporting DocumentsMichael C3Question / Clarification
IS validation and Supporting documents sanity check reportsMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal3Question / Clarification
Max File Size for SupportsIan BVirgin Atlantic7Question / Clarification
SIS Output files and namesMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal4Question / Clarification
Retrieve the input entered into the SIS systemSahil NUS Airways, Inc.3Question / Clarification
How are pass-through charges shown? i.e. is there some sort of backup from the billing airport?Sahil NUS Airways, Inc.3Question / Clarification
Question about signs on Miscellaneous Credit NotesPeter WBritish Airways4Question / Clarification
iinet folderAnna LSiberia Airlines0Question / Clarification
IDEC files to supportMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Flight Plan, Flight Watch & Flight DispatchGeorgina WAir New Zealand1Question / Clarification
Billing Memo & Rejection against biling memoShanti DAir Canada1Question / Clarification
Support DocumentsPam FGreat Lakes Airlines, Ltd1Question / Clarification
UATP Commission on Form 1Elias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
Error type on Supporting DocumentsMargaret MCeicom, an Indra Company1Question / Clarification
Sampling Specific Errors Reason Codes 4A, 4B & 4CKonda RQantas1Suggestion (Change Request)
AWB DetailsYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines4Question / Clarification
M CATEGORY SGHA Erdem OTHY - Turkish Airlines10Question / Clarification
SIS confirmation on files uploadedAntje RLufthansa Cargo1Question / Clarification
IS-XML UploadJa LKorean Air1Question / Clarification
Validating & Submitting Invoice IS-WEBRussell F2Question / Clarification
Testing IssuesEva GEL AL1Question / Clarification
Carge Code "Training"Edoardo C1Question / Clarification
Passenger Detail Validation Error correction. Pg24, 3.3.4 in the ISPG v3.2 May2011Malcolm RAir New Zealand2Question / Clarification
Supporting documents with ReceivablesMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal1Question / Clarification
PAX Form C XML file name produced by ISMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal1Question / Clarification
Misc- Question IS-XML Christina P1Question / Clarification
Consolidated IS XML & Error CodesNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Validation reports in iiNet (only)Lothar PLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Manage Invoice ScreenIan BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Invoice StatusIan BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Rejection reason code for FIMShankar S1Question / Clarification
Handling Fee amountHayato IAll Nippon Airways1Question / Clarification
Invoice dates not equal to settlement periodMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
RM and CM Invoice NumberShankar S1Question / Clarification
Sample Coupons Validated?Lori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
IS Validation Report IS Billing Micaela JTAP - Air Portugal1Question / Clarification
Supporting Documents TransmissionEva GEL AL1Question / Clarification
Automated initial Location-Id-generationLothar PLufthansa2Suggestion (Change Request)
Protest: complete invoice or difference only?Antje RLufthansa Cargo1Question / Clarification
Discount IDMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal1Question / Clarification
Excel Upload for M billingsElias BSWISS4Question / Clarification
Non-ICH via SIS generally ok?Claudia LLufthansa3Question / Clarification
Prior RM # on new RMIan BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
F3 Report/Combined Billings Report Hayley PTravelport 1G A737Question / Clarification
Supporting Documents FORM CMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal1Question / Clarification
Change of location-id Lothar PLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Billing Entity invoice PDFEkaterina KSiberia Airlines1Question / Clarification
SITA Member Code/Customer CodeEric BAir France1Question / Clarification
Misc Sample file Nilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Inputs on tax needed..Nilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Supporting Documents before MigrationNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Transmission Header and Transmission summaryMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Rejection handling during the Migration Period.Michael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Manual submission via iiNet or IS-web?Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin4Question / Clarification
CARGO: incoming IDEC file Michael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Technical SFTP/SCP Interface to iiNETRalf BLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Reconcilation FileSandra KLufthansa4Question / Clarification
Rejection Memo for multiple couponsKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
Source codes for EMDShankar S1Question / Clarification
SIS filesNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE8Question / Clarification
Sandbox & Connectivity TestingNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Separate Attachments files?Matthew H1Question / Clarification
IS Web Prorate Slip infoJenny BAlaska Airlines1Question / Clarification
Queries in MISC (VAT breakdown)Nilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE3Question / Clarification
Reconcilion File - Transmission to OAL'sSandra KLufthansa4Question / Clarification
XSD 3.1.1Elias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
iiNet Commercial ImpactsMari OQantas1Question / Clarification
Old IDEC file to Migrated carrierNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Reject Stage IS-WebLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
Form One Call dayEric BAir France1Question / Clarification
Form 1 from Debtors for ACH MembersEdoardo C1Question / Clarification
Correspondence process - Input & OutputNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE3Question / Clarification
Prime Billing Time Limit ValidationKonda RQantas5Question / Clarification
the file format during migrationWang Q6Suggestion (Change Request)
Duplicate IDEC files Michael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
XML file specificationNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE4Question / Clarification
Settlement Method Indicator" and "Settlement MethodHayley PTravelport 1G A731Question / Clarification
Reconciliation File No. 2 - TemplateSandra KLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Charge Code to be usedEdoardo C1Question / Clarification
IS Rejection Reason CodeShankar S1Question / Clarification
SIS RAMHayley PTravelport 1G A731Question / Clarification
IS XML - 'Not Supported'Ja LKorean Air1Question / Clarification
LinkedFIMBillingCreditMemoNumberHayato IAll Nippon Airways1Question / Clarification
FIM rejection as per ISPG 3.2Shankar S1Question / Clarification
Duplicate billing at BM levelShankar S1Question / Clarification
Location ID'sSandra KLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Exchange Rate of Miscellaneous invoiceJa LKorean Air1Question / Clarification
Retrieving supporting documentsLori LDelta Air Lines3Question / Clarification
OAR-Offline Archive File exampleMichael VEL AL3Question / Clarification
Billings related to Student Travel OrganisationsKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
SIS RAM / ISPGHayley PTravelport 1G A731Question / Clarification
Billing on behalf of sponsored carrier Shankar S2Question / Clarification
Can IS-XML file contain multiple Billed carriers ?Eri AAll Nippon Airways2Question / Clarification
Batch sequence number and Batch sequence within batchYamazaki AAll Nippon Airways1Question / Clarification
Clarify the validation on correspondence reference number plsWang Q1Question / Clarification
IS-Web Lori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
Bad IDEC file & Supporting DocumentsMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Offline Archive File: One rejection for many AWB#sMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Misc billing invoice currencyShankar S1Question / Clarification
AttachmentsEdoardo C1Question / Clarification
Flight Date ValidationHayato IAll Nippon Airways2Question / Clarification
BM for FFPShankar S1Question / Clarification
Under billingShankar S1Question / Clarification
FunctionalityYamada Y1Question / Clarification
IS-Web ReportsLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
Default values in Misc InvoicesSahil NUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
Billing and Zone CurrencyYusuf D2Question / Clarification
Does Joint Rent fall under Property-Rent? Sahil NUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
Which charge category/code does GSE (Ground Service Equipment) Maintenance fall into?Sahil NUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
What does AC Type Code ICAO mean?Sahil NUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
No Settlement in ISNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Late submission - TimelinesNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Billng Output in Late file submissionNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Denial of Late Submitted invoiceNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
ICH late submissionNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
E-InvoicingNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Interline Billing summary reportNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Digital SignatureNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Rejecting of ClaimNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Future submissionsNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Change of Invoice Number if earlier invoice is rejectedNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Late Submissions of Cargo BillingsShanti DAir Canada1Question / Clarification
Rounding error in test IS-XML fileAlexei KSiberia Airlines2Question / Clarification
Combined Billings ReportChristina P1Question / Clarification
Participation of all airlines in SISShanti DAir Canada1Question / Clarification
Transfer to OLDIDECYamazaki AAll Nippon Airways1Question / Clarification
SIS output files: download vs. auto file transferClaudia LLufthansa5Question / Clarification
Settlement indicatorShankar S3Question / Clarification
How will the corres ref number be generated?Matthew H6Question / Clarification
Location ID'sPeter WBritish Airways1Question / Clarification
Sample Constant ValidationLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
EMD Prime BillingsKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
Suspended carrier Hayley PTravelport 1G A731Question / Clarification
form 1 exists or not after migration Chia-hung L1Question / Clarification
FORMAT OF SD INDEX FILE VIA IS-WEBMira KEL AL1Question / Clarification
Form C coupon breakdown mandatoryKathy YAlaska Airlines1Question / Clarification
Values to derive the Sample ConstantKathy YAlaska Airlines1Question / Clarification
Miscellaneous InvoicesKathy YAlaska Airlines1Question / Clarification
Numeration of supporting document zip packages Marco SLufthansa1Question / Clarification
E-Tickets that push to PaperJeff BUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
VAT XMLHayato I4Question / Clarification
IS-IDECKathy YAlaska Airlines3Question / Clarification
Consolidated monthly fileKathy YAlaska Airlines1Question / Clarification
BM against authority to debitShankar S1Question / Clarification
XML Misc.(Mail) Invoice Mandatory Item (TAX)Hyoman L2Question / Clarification
Request for SIS demonstrationEun LKorean Air1Question / Clarification
Mixed Award CouponsShankar S1Question / Clarification
RM Number Length during MigrationShankar S1Question / Clarification
OLD IDEC for Mixed AwardYamazaki AAll Nippon Airways3Question / Clarification
Rejection invoice in IS IDECShankar S1Question / Clarification
BM with coupon breakdownShankar S1Question / Clarification
VAT SignShankar S1Question / Clarification
Incorrect exch rate Shankar S1Question / Clarification
Default value in mandatory fieldShankar S1Question / Clarification
Rejection of File SubmissionChristina P1Question / Clarification
Staged MISC Go Live MigrationMari OQantas1Question / Clarification
FORM 1 Requirements ISPG11.4.5.2Mari OQantas2Question / Clarification
New source codes associated with SISDebby WNavitaire5Question / Clarification
Invoice numbersOlga KAeroflot2Question / Clarification
RM REASON CODEBrenda CEVA Air4Question / Clarification
Rejection in IS WebShankar S1Question / Clarification
Rejection by Non Migratd CarrierShankar S1Question / Clarification
Flight date and flight number validationShankar S2Question / Clarification
Tickets with same tax code twiceMatthew H3Question / Clarification
IS-XML for billed partyElias BSWISS4Question / Clarification
upload/download info to/from IS-WEBDebby WNavitaire7Question / Clarification
PDF Invoice filesEun LKorean Air4Question / Clarification
Cpn vs. SectorBenjamin RLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Mail detail Mandatory itemHyoman LKorean Air2Question / Clarification
Faulty file passed IATA validation >> action?Claudia L1Question / Clarification
Cargo-Rejection Billing across stagesZarir S1Question / Clarification
OVER 5 TAXES FOR ONE SINGLE CPNBrenda CEVA Air1Question / Clarification
Prorate Notice Misshandeld BaggageAnita GCondor Flugdienst GmbH1Question / Clarification
Validation results via file?Claudia LLufthansa1Suggestion (Change Request)
Tax codes representing VATMamta SNIIT Technologies2Question / Clarification
ValidationBrenda CEVA Air1Question / Clarification
Charge Code of Airport TaxesYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Incomplete filesElias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
Invoice CorrectionSonja K1Question / Clarification
Member Profile in Test environmentLothar PLufthansa1Question / Clarification
BatchingLori TAirlines Clearing House1Question / Clarification
Rejected Billing MemoDebby WNavitaire1Question / Clarification
File TypesMarco SLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Certification slots and schedulingShankar S1Question / Clarification
Location Code in Mishandling BaggageYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Transmission Summary amounts on IS-XML filePeter WBritish Airways1Question / Clarification
sanity check would be done the entire file or stop when encountering one error?Wang Q2Question / Clarification
BM/CM record vs BM/CM Cpn Breakdown recordDebby WNavitaire1Question / Clarification
BM against CorrespondenceShankar S4Question / Clarification
Correspondence: content of PDF downloadClaudia LLufthansa3Question / Clarification
Sampling Provisional InvoiceShankar S3Question / Clarification
What source code for MCO?(PAX question)Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin2Question / Clarification
Form code validationShankar S2Question / Clarification
Rejection & Correspondence ProcessKonda RQantas2Suggestion (Change Request)
Rejection/Billing/Credit MemosKonda RQantas2Question / Clarification
Download Invoices from IS-WEBElias BSWISS2Question / Clarification
Transaction vs batch totalShankar S1Question / Clarification
RM for Multiple Coupons on FIMIan BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Signed InvoicesMarco SLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Postal MailShankar S1Question / Clarification
RM RemarksKonda RQantas3Question / Clarification
IS-Web Printing ClarificationMatthew H8Question / Clarification
Clarifications on some structures/elementsYixin WSIA1Question / Clarification
IS-XMLYixin WSIA1Question / Clarification
IATA Testing EnvironmentPablo VLan Airlines1Question / Clarification
Who will populate default values for mandatory fields?(MISC Question)Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin1Question / Clarification
More info on downloading attachementsDebby WNavitaire1Question / Clarification
Mandatory Requirements for Correspondence InvoicesPeter WBritish Airways3Question / Clarification
Mandatory Elements for Rejection under Misc Billing Shankar S3Question / Clarification
Tax on Coupon Level-Sample Forms A & BDenelle D 1Question / Clarification
Whatif IS billing rejected outside ISTzung-hsing WChina Airlines3Question / Clarification
Line item under Misc BillingShankar S3Question / Clarification
IATA Clearance QuestionLance LAmerican Airlines1Question / Clarification
Please clarify the validation on Reason CodeMa YAccounting Centre of Chin1Question / Clarification
Size limit for attachments?Matthew H4Question / Clarification
Correspondence Konda RQantas1Question / Clarification
Billing of TC's through CorrespondenceLance LAmerican Airlines2Question / Clarification
Add 'Reason Code' and 'Reason Description' to MISC Rejetion Invoice (MISC suggestion)Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin2Suggestion (Change Request)
Source Code vs Form Code ValidationTzung-hsing WChina Airlines2Suggestion (Change Request)
Commencement of Audit TrailTzung-hsing WChina Airlines1Question / Clarification
ISC +/- sign in SFI40Matthew H2Question / Clarification
ISPG 3.3.2. Sanity Check - specific check #8Konda RQantas1Question / Clarification
ISPG 3.3.2. Sanity Check - specific check #7Konda RQantas1Question / Clarification
UATPShankar S1Question / Clarification
UATP BillingsKonda RQantas2Question / Clarification
Questions on R&R billing in SIS environmentMa YAccounting Centre of Chin3Question / Clarification
Rejecting Tax Breakdowns from Non-Migrated CarriersShankar S3Question / Clarification
Please explain the relation between Reason Code and IS-Rejection flagMa YAccounting Centre of Chin1Question / Clarification
Misc billing on Non ICH carrierShankar S2Question / Clarification
Cargo - RM AWB Prorate LadderShankar S1Question / Clarification
Rejection on VATMa YAccounting Centre of Chin1Question / Clarification
IS-WEB processing capacityEugenia ALan Airline2Question / Clarification
Limited Space on prorate slipShankar S2Question / Clarification
Source Code 12Eugenia ALan Airline1Question / Clarification
Duplicate billing Shankar S1Question / Clarification
Do carriers need the functionality to UPLOAD cpn listings, etcDebby WNavitaire3Question / Clarification
Prorate ladder for passenger Shankar S1Question / Clarification
Requesting billed carrier to reject incorrect billingShankar S1Question / Clarification
Auth for CorrespondenceClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Reversals Adjustments due to Protests-PAXMa YAccounting Centre of Chin1Question / Clarification
Downgrade IS-Format to Old IDEC-PAXMa YAccounting Centre of Chin1Question / Clarification
Misc Billing CategoryShankar S1Question / Clarification
Supporting DocumentsShankar S2Question / Clarification
Migration in which periodShankar S3Question / Clarification
PDF download for correspondence includes all attachments?Claudia LLufthansa4Question / Clarification
Audit Trail Include BM/CMTzung-hsing WChina Airlines11Suggestion (Change Request)
The use of 'Breakdown Serial Number'(Cargo question)Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin1Question / Clarification
IS Output Available by Advice DayTzung-hsing WChina Airlines1Question / Clarification
Correspondence: handling of reclaimsClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Level of Pax RM Supporting Document Tzung-hsing WChina Airlines1Question / Clarification
Billing Memo for 10% exchange rateShankar S1Question / Clarification
Auth concept for correspondence - By stageClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Auth concept for correspondence - By valueClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Offering Program to Conduct Validation In-houseTzung-hsing WChina Airlines3Suggestion (Change Request)
Invoice Number validationShankar S1Question / Clarification
Updating ICH member list with IS memberShankar S1Question / Clarification

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