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This forum is for questions that are unrelated to the other existing forums.

SubjectCreated byCompanyRepliesDiscussion Type
Invoice Level ValidationHarry HUS Airways, Inc.1
minimum value for credit note?Sandra KLufthansa1
SIS User Guide Mary PBritish Airways1
Invoice Reference DataAmelia ITAROM S.A.0
When to send the last IDEC file to ATPCOSandrine LAir France0
Difference between number of validated SIS-invoices and number of invoices in ICH WEB; amounts not incl. in F2Sandra KLufthansa0
Migrate per 'Charge category"Nadia BSAA1
Sampling Form A/B on Is-WEBRita CAir Malta p.l.c.1
Redemption Billing from Non-migrated AirlineCagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines0
Cargo Computer Based TrainingElias BSWISS1
TemplatesChris YHawaiian Airlines4
Cargo Go-Live DateZarir S1
Miscellaneous - Category = Mail - LocationCode @Type valueZarir S5
Location IDSandra KLufthansa7
Super User DisabledEva GEL AL1
Create another UserID and Password for backup userNadia BSAA1
File expiry Nadia BSAA1
Change Request process after GoLive for MiscSandra KLufthansa1
Billing Output FileMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines1
RE-Creation PDF-document by SISSandra KLufthansa2
Airline Location ID in the invoice Header (CARGO)Shanti DAir Canada4
Help Desk PortalDanijela KCroatia Airlines1
Off line archiving fileMarina PAir Baltic2
Sandbox Availability ClarificationMari OQantas5
Form 1 xmlElias BSWISS5
User Acceptance TestingBrian MAer Lingus1
IS-Web trainingMarina PAir Baltic1
Form 3 and Form 1Shirley CQantas6
Check on PMIJacques T1
Rejection / FIM / Frequent Flyer (source 90 etc) Test FilesIan BVirgin Atlantic4
IS IDEC and Archive file size.Jacques T1
Testing of Supporting Document fileKonda RQantas3
Does non-pilot carrier start Sandbox testing?Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin1
SIS User Guide P 324Brian MAer Lingus3
SIS OperationsAlexander PHahn Air1
Super User UpdateAlexander PHahn Air1
Pilot Testing - lesson from first two weeksKonda RQantas4
Non-ICH member & SISAlexander PHahn Air1
Old IDEC/down converted file testingKonda RQantas3
Detailed Listing for MISCBrian MAer Lingus2
Supprt archive format Yamazaki AAll Nippon Airways1
Output files queryBrian MAer Lingus1
Main Location & address logicRussell F1
Handling Fee AmountCagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines2
Invoice receipt process from SISEsteban RLAN AIRLINES1
IS-WEB Trial RunGrant MHawaiian Airlines1
Manual Input TimingsMark CAir Malta p.l.c.1
Suspended Member TransacationsMari OQantas2
6 Month Grace PeriodMari OQantas1
Passenger category Pilot TestingMark CAir Malta p.l.c.1
Non-Pilot Carrier TestingKonda RQantas5
Airline Migration Plans - May'11 BulletinShan LSIA6
SIS Inward ISXML File TransferMari OQantas1
Clearing House ReportsRussell F1
MISC cut overYamada Y1
current test file for sample Lori LDelta Air Lines1
Call Day AdjustmentsRussell F3
Rejections & Correspondence prior to SISRussell F1
SIS MemberSheikh A1
Who generates Invoice Number if using IS web?Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin1
Submission of Usage File (Modified Record 50 File)Konda RQantas1
IS-WEB VIEW: Invoices captured via XML/IS WEB (Rejections)Sandra KLufthansa1
IS WEB: CorrespondenceSandra KLufthansa3
IS WEB VIEW: Can we see Rejections sent via XML in IS WEB?Sandra KLufthansa1
Payment ProcedureSheikh A1
Sample supporting documents fileKonda RQantas1
miscellaneous rejectAntonio CCOPA Airlines1
Processed Invoice Data CSV filePeter WBritish Airways1
Testing of Usage File (Modified Record 50 File)Konda RQantas1
Updated list of companies joining SISMichael VEL AL1
Request SIS Bulletin ClarificationMari OQantas1
Invoice CopiesSonja K4
SIS Go-live datesSahil NUS Airways, Inc.1
When will SIS-UATP go live?Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin1
Sand box availability in future?Claudia LLufthansa1

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