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Rules, Policies, & Codes

This forum is for questions regarding the rules and policies in place to use IS. Note that only IS-related rules should be asked -- all questions having to do with the RAM should be addressed to

SubjectCreated byCompanyRepliesDiscussion Type
Wrong Charge Category/Charge CodeZineb ARoyal Air Maroc0Question / Clarification
CorrespondenceMarie-laure K3Question / Clarification
Cargo Rej Memo Reason Code 2BGudrun GLufthansa Cargo0Question / Clarification
RAM Minimum Value for InvoicesRussell F3Question / Clarification
billing memo with SC75- correspondence stage Kyeongseo KAsiana0Question / Clarification
Correspondence guidancePaula MFinnair1Question / Clarification
SC04 - Supporting documentsMarli STAM Linhas Aéreas0Question / Clarification
Rejections supporting documentsMarli STAM Linhas Aéreas0Question / Clarification
CORRESPONDENCE MINIMUMNyambu IKenya Airways1Question / Clarification
Correspondence - Ready to submit buttonMarie-laure K1Question / Clarification
CORRESPONDENCENyambu IKenya Airways1Question / Clarification
Original Billing TimelineChristine DFederal Express2Question / Clarification
Size ticket number from 1 to 11Anna LSiberia Airlines0Question / Clarification
Wrong charge category/ charge code in rejectionKatarzyna K1Question / Clarification
Listing to Billing RateJeremy DThe Airline Software Co0Question / Clarification
Billed wrong carrierGeralda VTAM Linhas Aéreas1Question / Clarification
Flight DirectionAyu AMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Stand Number Ayu AMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
ISWEB Data baseGeralda VTAM Linhas Aéreas1Question / Clarification
correspondenceNyambu IKenya Airways1Question / Clarification
Invoice Number & Original Invoice Number (UATP)Pan R2Question / Clarification
Number of Sup. DocumentsYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Incoming RejectionsYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
VALIDATION PROCESSNyambu IKenya Airways1Question / Clarification
correspondence processNyambu IKenya Airways1Question / Clarification
Correspondences ProcessGeralda VTAM Linhas Aéreas3Question / Clarification
invoice in SIS and ICH-WEBZineb ARoyal Air Maroc1Question / Clarification
Offline Archive FilesGeralda VTAM Linhas Aéreas1Question / Clarification
Process to deploy an invoice to SIS Lee SAeronautical Radio, Inc3Question / Clarification
Submition XML FileGeralda VTAM Linhas Aéreas3Question / Clarification
File Receipt and Validation Error AlertsLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc3Question / Clarification
New ISPG version - applicable when?Claudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Supporting Docs for Passenger RejectionsBrian MAer Lingus1Question / Clarification
Sending of Paper Invoice for CargoRussell F1Question / Clarification
sending of paper invoiceEdoardo C5Question / Clarification
Final RAWG Supporting Document ListMichael C3Question / Clarification
Standard Ground Handling AgreementRussell F5Suggestion (Change Request)
Billings in Charge Category = Misc & Charge Code = MiscKirk P0Question / Clarification
Billings in Charge Category = Misc & Charge Code = MiscNil OTHY - Turkish Airlines0Question / Clarification
issue on UATP service chargeDanfeng CChina Eastern1Question / Clarification
How to provide Tax breakdown of BM(PAX question)Binbin D6Question / Clarification
Posting periodEric BAir France2Question / Clarification
Frequent Flyer Source CodesKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
Address element fieldsJaime D1Question / Clarification
Re-submission of processed invoices for suspended membersBrian MAer Lingus1Question / Clarification
Rejection of LINE ITEM DETAIL & INVOICE SUMMARY.Seok KKorean Air3Question / Clarification
Form C and SC27Ann SUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
Form C Items billed again in NSBenjamin RLufthansa1Suggestion (Change Request)
BC of BM/CM-PAXTzung-hsing WChina Airlines1Question / Clarification
Misc - Supporting DocumentsGeorgina WAir New Zealand4Question / Clarification
Is ISDetails a mandatory field?Jaime D1Question / Clarification
Miscellaneous Rejections - Multiple Rejections to a Single Original InvoiceGeorgina WAir New Zealand1Question / Clarification
RMs for Old inward billings after GO LIVE Zineb ARoyal Air Maroc3Question / Clarification
Paper invoices after Jan 2012Eric BAir France8Question / Clarification
Form C to non-SIS A/BBenjamin RLufthansa1Question / Clarification
ChangeRequest after GoLiveSandra KLufthansa0Question / Clarification
Sponsored member and SISEleonora SMALEV1Question / Clarification
25 USD Invoice ruleEric BAir France1Question / Clarification
SOURCE CODENyambu IKenya Airways1Question / Clarification
Validation on Correspondence To Non-3rd-RejectionsBenjamin R2Question / Clarification
LoungeTomas NSpanair2Question / Clarification
FIM Rejection Reason CodesLance L3Question / Clarification
Ex Bag or MPDWendy GVirgin Atlantic2Question / Clarification
Rejection via SISCagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines2Question / Clarification
Rebill of UAF itemsDebby WNavitaire3Question / Clarification
Payable InvoicesMargaret SFederal Express4Question / Clarification
Policy on use of AddOn ChargesRussell F1Question / Clarification
Non-flight TrainingChristina P1Question / Clarification
SA A/B without D/E?Claudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
FIM rejection in source code 4 in pre SISShirley CQantas1Question / Clarification
Charge Code : ParkingRussell F3Question / Clarification
Mishandling PassengerRussell F6Question / Clarification
Miscellaneous rejectionsJa LKorean Air4Question / Clarification
Tax limitCagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines2Question / Clarification
Time Limits for MiscGeorgina WAir New Zealand1Question / Clarification
RouteData@NameSeok KKorean Air3Question / Clarification
Regarding Fare ClassSeok KKorean Air3Question / Clarification
Rejection for Non Receipt of Supporting Docs from non SIS carriersMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines3Question / Clarification
Sandbox testing for inward billingHo YCathay Pacific2Question / Clarification
RM Coupon Tax BrkdwnMichael C1Question / Clarification
Supporting AttachmentsAnna LSiberia Airlines6Question / Clarification
SISPayablesIndexTransmissionV3.2.xsd , SISReceivablesIndexTransmissionV3.2.xsd. For what?Anna LSiberia Airlines1Question / Clarification
SISReceivablesIndexTransmissionV3.2.xsdAnna LSiberia Airlines3Question / Clarification
Service ProviderChristina P4Question / Clarification
Reason code for BM also ok for RM?Claudia LLufthansa2Question / Clarification
SIS Mandated PhaseMichael C1Question / Clarification
Charge Category 'mail' Mandatory FieldsCagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Uatp and Adjustment Source Code Cagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
sandbox testingWong WCathay Pacific4Question / Clarification
Pre-cutover 3rd stage rejectionsLance LAmerican Airlines5Question / Clarification
Valdiation for Form F/xF: one coupon per RJMBenjamin RLufthansa5Question / Clarification
AircraftRegistrationNoRussell F1Question / Clarification
MISC Supporting documents: mandatory or not?Eric BAir France1Question / Clarification
Miscelaneus: One invoice and multiple paymentsMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal5Question / Clarification
SIS-ISPG and numbered items.Cagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines2Question / Clarification
Settlement Method IndicatorSandra D1Question / Clarification
ISPG Mishandling BaggageChristina P1Question / Clarification
No longer receive all paper ICHHayley PTravelport 1G A731Question / Clarification Baggage DeliveryRussell F4Question / Clarification
Sample Form D & EKathy YAlaska Airlines2Question / Clarification
Handling LMRussell F1Question / Clarification
CleaningRussell F1Question / Clarification
Down converted FileLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
Fim billing under BMWang Q2Suggestion (Change Request)
SIS Validation and Sample BillingJan KHawaiian Airlines1Question / Clarification
Member Profile Passenger Detail: Sampling Carrier Laura SHawaiian Airlines1Question / Clarification
Source Codes 12 and 23Laura SHawaiian Airlines1Question / Clarification
Validation of Tax Absorption CalculationLance LAmerican Airlines1Question / Clarification
Check on 'TotalAmount'(Misc Q)Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin1Question / Clarification
Supported characters in filesClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Migrating Sample Form D & EKathy YAlaska Airlines1Question / Clarification
Migrating Sample Form CKathy YAlaska Airlines1Question / Clarification
Change of Source CodeEun LKorean Air1Question / Clarification
Validations on BM raised for Correspondence items in Passenger categoryKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
ICH billing: duplicate invoice numberClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Redemption Billing source codes Feryal UTHY1Question / Clarification
what is the use of paper invoices after go live within 3 monthsWang Q1Question / Clarification
IS-IDEC Down Converted vs IS-XMLYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Excess Baggage Source CodeCagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Sampling Rejection StagesCagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Reason codes IS-PG 3.8. (0A-0Z and 00-09)Cagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines2Question / Clarification
Miscellaneous - Mandatory Supporting DocumentsGeorgina WAir New Zealand1Question / Clarification
FIS (Federal Inspection Service) FeesChristina P1Question / Clarification
RAM A13 vs ISPG 3.1 onwardsAyu AMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Grace period for inward and outward billingsZhu HSIA Cargo7Question / Clarification
Settlement Method IndicatorLaura SHawaiian Airlines3Question / Clarification
Billing Process to SISSheikh A1Question / Clarification
SIS CalendarMatthew H2Question / Clarification
Sample Form CLori LDelta Air Lines2Question / Clarification
Coupon record conditional elementsLance LAmerican Airlines4Question / Clarification
SC for RM reason code 4A, 4BClaudia LLufthansa3Question / Clarification
Source Code 90Kathy YAlaska Airlines1Question / Clarification
Validation: PAR the same within same transaction month?Claudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Question on SFI 22, 'Your Invoice Number'Binbin D3Question / Clarification
Excess Baggage source code during migrationKonda RQantas4Question / Clarification
Source Code for billing FIMD TicketsTzung-hsing WChina Airlines3Question / Clarification
Support Attachments deadlineLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
RJM from non-SIS-carrierClaudia L1Question / Clarification
How to provide OC breakdown?(Cargo question)Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin5Question / Clarification
the scope of RM coupon breakdownWang Q1Question / Clarification
How to reject a BM of FIM billing?Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin4Question / Clarification
How to reject a FIM with wrong FIM number?(PAX question)Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin2Question / Clarification
Billing MemoEun L1Question / Clarification
Invoice NumbersElias B1Question / Clarification
Billed Airline Location IDWong W1Question / Clarification
How to reclaim UATP contract discount in SIS environment?Binbin D1Question / Clarification
Tax for SA Form A/BClaudia L1Question / Clarification
when more than one RM produced with the same stageWang Q1Question / Clarification
Paper Support RequirementsLori T4Question / Clarification
'Product ID' field Yusuf D1Question / Clarification
Can we reject line item detail?(Misc Question)Binbin D2Question / Clarification
Charge category n charge codeAyu A1Question / Clarification
Handling FeeBenjamin R1Question / Clarification
SC 08 for all Lost Documents Billing or Ticket only?Tzung-hsing W1Question / Clarification
New Form C reason codesClaudia L1Suggestion (Change Request)
Rejection of 3rd Rejection outside time limitKonda R1Question / Clarification
How to seperate VAT from TAX?Wang Q1Question / Clarification
Only VAT difference amount will enter into RM VAT breakdown record?Wang Q1Question / Clarification
About Misc Credit NoteBinbin D1Question / Clarification
Validation on 'ChargeAmount@name' (MISC question)Binbin D1Question / Clarification
Why Dictionary Defined-P for Charge Category and Charge Code?(MISC question)Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin1Question / Clarification
Default values for Mandatory fields (MISC question)Binbin D1Question / Clarification
Reclaim Rejections vs Valuation RejectionsLance L3Question / Clarification
Reason Code for rejection due to duplicate usageKonda R1Question / Clarification
FF Source CodesBenjamin R1Suggestion (Change Request)
AWARD billingsBenjamin R1Question / Clarification
VAT breakdown identifier - OTClaudia L4Question / Clarification
Currency for ICHClaudia L1Question / Clarification
Mean rate adjustment on inward invoiceClaudia L1Question / Clarification
Same aggregation for RM on RM/BM with cpn breakdownClaudia L3Question / Clarification
Source code for MPDShankar S1Question / Clarification
BM with multiple positionsClaudia L6Question / Clarification
S/C 8 Lost Ticket Billing supporting documentsKonda R1Question / Clarification
Non-Clearing House Airlines & ISKonda R2Suggestion (Change Request)
Source Code 23Konda R1Question / Clarification
VAT breakdown identifier - NTClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
VAT breakdown identifier - HFClaudia L1Question / Clarification
Source Code 12?Tzung-hsing W2Question / Clarification
"Correction" To RejectionBenjamin R2Question / Clarification
Validation by IATABenjamin R1Question / Clarification
Rebilling Higher Than RejectionBenjamin R1Question / Clarification
Reason for rejecting an MISC invoiceBinbin D1Question / Clarification
SC for non-ICHClaudia L1Question / Clarification
RC 2A Unmatched SaleTzung-hsing W5Question / Clarification
Designated Definition of ticket/FIM image in Supporting Document HandlingTzung-hsing WChina Airlines11Suggestion (Change Request)
How to provide 'Amount subject to ISC' (Cargo question)Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin2Question / Clarification
Cpn breakdown in case of full rejection?Claudia L1Question / Clarification
RC 5B only Choice of SC 44/45/46?Tzung-hsing W3Suggestion (Change Request)
Correspondence for whole invoiceClaudia L1Question / Clarification
Audit Trail of Incorrect Ticket Number BillingTzung-hsing W3Question / Clarification
RC 1A vs 1B/1C/1D/1E/1G/1H/1ITzung-hsing WChina Airlines3Question / Clarification
Reason code for RM on coupon level?Claudia L1Question / Clarification
Remove RC 8LTzung-hsing W1Suggestion (Change Request)
Truncate Old Invoice Number to IS FormatTzung-hsing W1Question / Clarification
Reason code for billing memosClaudia L1Question / Clarification
Reason Code 8B Applies to RAM A12 1.4Tzung-hsing W1Question / Clarification

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