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Record Structures

Questions regarding the record structures (IS-IDEC and IS-XML).

SubjectCreated byCompanyRepliesDiscussion Type
Validation of Orig Bill Amount in SIS RMsGudrun GLufthansa Cargo0Question / Clarification
Release 1.3 Deployment Scope DcoumentHarry HUS Airways, Inc.0Question / Clarification
Excel to IS-XML toolRhys Sflybe1Question / Clarification
invalid aircraft type CRJChristian KAustrian1Question / Clarification
SFI 32 - Invalid ticket numbersMichael C0Question / Clarification
Invoices ProcessHuda HSudan Airways1Question / Clarification
Error: Z - The Total Billing Amount reported in the Transmission Summary not equal to the sum of the Total Invoice Amounts (grouped by Currency of Billing) reported in the IS-XML fileCesar LAvMan SAC0Question / Clarification
Validation of Source CodesHarry HUS Airways, Inc.0Question / Clarification
Invoice Summary TotalAmountToyohiko H0Question / Clarification
Obligatory fields for RM Anastasiya PUT air1Question / Clarification
'@Name' Attribute at TaxBreakdown for CGOSubhasish BVirgin Atlantic2Question / Clarification
LineItem and LineItemDetailToyohiko H1Question / Clarification
Multiple Invoice/Buyer in one XMLToyohiko H1Question / Clarification
Validation Files Geralda VTAM Linhas Aéreas1Question / Clarification
Miscellaneous Mail – Bag Number & invoicing level (despatch/mail bag)Tobin G1Question / Clarification
Payable xml data (Cargo)Masami S1Question / Clarification
Display VAT amountGudrun GLufthansa Cargo1Question / Clarification
Tolerance for valiationPaula BSabre Holdings1Question / Clarification
Main Location of Billed Cargo AirlineGudrun GLufthansa Cargo4Question / Clarification
Pax RM Coupon brkdwn E11 Validation FailureTzung-hsing WChina Airlines1Question / Clarification
Question to the Cargo RM HTML documentGudrun GLufthansa Cargo2Question / Clarification
RJM AWB breakdown record - incorrect ORI/DES entryGudrun GLufthansa Cargo3Question / Clarification
supporting documentsEdoardo C1Question / Clarification
Misc_CorrespondenceSandra KLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Miscellaneous (Mail) RejectionsTobin G1Question / Clarification
Miscellaneous (Charge Code – Mail) – Start Date and End DateTobin G0Question / Clarification
Form1 From Debtors - Date Format IssueErdem OTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Clearance Month on Validatioin FilePaula BSabre Holdings1Question / Clarification
IS-XML ValidationGeralda VTAM Linhas Aéreas1Question / Clarification
Form1 From Debtors Error MessageErdem OTHY - Turkish Airlines0Question / Clarification
CGO IS IDEC - 3 decimal places requested for all currencies?Gudrun GLufthansa Cargo3Question / Clarification
Prorate Percentage in AWB NodesTobin G2Question / Clarification
Sum of Total Wt Charges Diff and Total Valuation Charges Diff is not in the range of allowed min max amount"Michael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
IS-IDEC: SFI 50 - Element 12Cesar LAvMan SAC0Question / Clarification
SFI21 Element 18 FIM NumberKonda RQantas2Question / Clarification
Invoice Type Code for Form EEun LKorean Air1Question / Clarification
Contract NumberEric BAir France1Question / Clarification
Part Number SalesEric BAir France1Question / Clarification
Amount subject to Interline Service ChargeMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Line Item - Charge Code xml fileTobin G1Question / Clarification
Transaction References on Invoices and Credit NotesBrian MAer Lingus1Question / Clarification
Urgent: PAX Validation Module Changes?Tzung-hsing WChina Airlines1Question / Clarification
SFI 40 Total Provisional Adjustment Amount ValidationHarry HUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
Cargo.IS-IDECMarta MIBERIA1Question / Clarification
Elements 11 and 12 on ISIDEC record 10Paula BSabre Holdings1Question / Clarification
Aircraft Type Code ICAOEric BAir France2Question / Clarification
Part NumberEric BAir France1Question / Clarification
Source codes to be used differ between IDEC and IS-IDECMyungsuk OJINAIR1Question / Clarification
new C.Category/C.Code: hotel services Sandra KLufthansa1Question / Clarification
LineItemDetail mandatory?Eric BAir France3Question / Clarification
Prorate Ladder – Cargo – IS-XMLTobin G3Question / Clarification
Student Travel OrganisationsWong WCathay Pacific1Question / Clarification
SFI 50 Element 32Lori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
FIM RJ for multiple coupons per paxTzung-hsing WChina Airlines1Question / Clarification
UK512B chargesJeremy DThe Airline Software Co1Question / Clarification
CBD-25 VAT OptionalJeremy DThe Airline Software Co1Question / Clarification
Cargo Memo Data without AWB numberYungkeun PKorean Air1Question / Clarification
YOUR INVOICE NO - SFI 55Michael VEL AL3Question / Clarification
TAX Nodes - Cargo XMLTobin G2Question / Clarification
cargo sfi 35Michael VEL AL2Question / Clarification
Attribute of 'BilledWeight' (Cargo Question)Binbin D10Question / Clarification
RM Tax Breakdown and Reason Code Sandrine LAir France2Question / Clarification
Currency of Listing and Supporting documentsSandrine LAir France1Question / Clarification
RM Coupon Tax BrkdwnMichael C6Question / Clarification
ClearanceMonth in INDEX.XMLYamazaki AAll Nippon Airways7Question / Clarification
IS-XML ValidationAlan SSkyWest Airlines0Question / Clarification
Certification and Tax Breakdown for Rejection MemoSandrine LAir France2Question / Clarification
Update: VAT-Description Field in IS-WEBSandra KLufthansa3Question / Clarification
C.Category/C.Code: Insurance services?Sandra KLufthansa3Question / Clarification
Form1 XML Date FormatYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines3Question / Clarification
Misc IS-XML mapping to detailed LISTINGS in OARMichel VKLM1Question / Clarification
IS-XML file structure Geralda VTAM Linhas Aéreas5Question / Clarification
UoM Code ListAlan SSkyWest Airlines1Question / Clarification
Currency Adjustment IndicatorWong WCathay Pacific1Question / Clarification
Sampling - First and FinalLori LDelta Air Lines3Question / Clarification
Cargo Header RecordChristine DFederal Express1Question / Clarification
Mandatory fields in Misc LineItemDetailAlan SSkyWest Airlines1Question / Clarification
weight charge validation on rejection recordMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
Advance Billing : RentalMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines2Question / Clarification
Tag #203Eric BAir France5Question / Clarification
ARCHIVE CSVCunha FTAM Linhas Aéreas1Question / Clarification
AWB Issuing Airline - AWB Details NodeTobin G6Question / Clarification
IS-XML Validation Error- File not supportedAyse KTHY - Turkish Airlines2Question / Clarification
Error Status in Validation ReportSubhasish BVirgin Atlantic3Question / Clarification
Accepted amount on RJM negativeClaudia LLufthansa2Question / Clarification
SC90 Reference DataAnn SUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
Multiple Rejection Memo'sRobert LKLM1Question / Clarification
SFI 10 with CoL for BC 4?Claudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Tax Data StructureSubhasish BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Sample Validation FilesBrian MAer Lingus4Question / Clarification
Source code for MCOZhiyun YXiamen Airlines1Question / Clarification
Line 266 Aircraft Type NameMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines6Question / Clarification
MiscData @Name @UOMCode - Mandatory or RA ?Brian MAer Lingus1Question / Clarification
IS-XML and validation against XSDThomas DISO Software Systeme GmbH4Question / Clarification
SFI54: four prov invoice references mandatory?Claudia L3Question / Clarification
AmountSubjectToISC (Cargo Q)Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin2Question / Clarification
Check Digit in Coupon Data RecordMarian SIBERIA1Question / Clarification
Missing Transmission Header and Invoice NodesShuyuan LXiamen Airlines1Question / Clarification
Validation for Sampling: invoice vs. listingClaudia L5Question / Clarification
InvoiceHeader-Notes fieldGangadharareddy ATravelport1Question / Clarification
cargo BM CM Indicator Michael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
c.category Service Provider used by AirlinesSandra KLufthansa3Question / Clarification
INTERLINE SERVICE CHARGEMichael VEL AL2Question / Clarification
ProvisoReqSPA without SPOT?Cheng LChina Airlines4Question / Clarification
ESAC on Billing MemosIan BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Settlement Details Node- MiscChristina P2Question / Clarification
XML Message fieldLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
Tax Breakdown RecordsLori LDelta Air Lines0Question / Clarification
Tax & Company Registration IDDan DSkyWest1Question / Clarification
XML Sample Misc Input and Output file with AttachmentAdams JApplsys Solutions Ltd.2Question / Clarification
Settlement Method valuesDan DSkyWest1Question / Clarification
control of 'ClearanceCurrencyCode'Anna LSiberia Airlines1Question / Clarification
File naming convention supporting documentsSandra KLufthansa1Question / Clarification
SIS-VAT Breakup for Rejection RecordShankar S3Question / Clarification
Element 19 PAX - Rejection Memo RecordKonda RQantas3Question / Clarification
Number of occurrences of RM reason breakdown recordShanti DAir Canada4Question / Clarification
RM RecordPam FGreat Lakes Airlines, Ltd3Question / Clarification
IS-XML Example V3.2 - PAX_Non_Sampling_IS_XML_Input_File.xmlThomas DISO Software Systeme GmbH3Question / Clarification
FIM rejectionsMamta SNIIT Technologies29Question / Clarification
VAT / TAX Question- MISCChristina P1Question / Clarification
Services covered by Section 8 of the IATA SGHA Sandra KLufthansa1Question / Clarification
UPPER Case & lower case in IS-XMLMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Coupon Gross Fare value with VAT inclusive?Sergio AAir Europa0Question / Clarification
XML structure in the sandboxEdoardo C1Question / Clarification
5 Character Location CodeMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines4Question / Clarification
RM Record Pam FGreat Lakes Airlines, Ltd2Question / Clarification
SFI 41. Taxes DetailsMarian SIBERIA6Question / Clarification
Nil Form CDebby WNavitaire0Question / Clarification
Billing Code on Rejection AWB Breakdown RecordMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
is-xml LineItemDetail and RMCouponBreakdownAnna LSiberia Airlines3Question / Clarification
Add On Charge % - Rejection MemoValerie SAir Austral1Question / Clarification
Suspended carrier Flag Lori LDelta Air Lines5Question / Clarification
Occurrence of ChargeAmount @Name (MISC question)Binbin D6Question / Clarification
isc amount accepted signMichael VEL AL0Question / Clarification
1 FIM in RM in IS-IDEC and IS-XMLEkaterina KSiberia Airlines1Question / Clarification
SFI 20 Element 28 & 29 Lori L3Question / Clarification
Currency in RMHayato I3Question / Clarification
MISC ISXML Lineitemdetail inputTaehwan LKorean Air3Question / Clarification
access to .pdf invoiceEdoardo C3Question / Clarification
AWB Reason CodeDebra PAmerican Airlines1Question / Clarification
Suspended Flag Debra PAmerican Airlines1Question / Clarification
SFI 53 - which FDR should be used for sampling FORM D/F?Robert MAdria Airways1Suggestion (Change Request)
XML-field for "HUB"-dataSandra KLufthansa2Question / Clarification
SISReceivablesIndexTransmission Micaela JTAP - Air Portugal1Question / Clarification
Misc Question- ■ IndicatorChristina P1Question / Clarification
Currency Adjustment through Billing memo. Why?Ekaterina KSiberia Airlines1Question / Clarification
VAT and TAX elementsAnna LSiberia Airlines1Question / Clarification
RJM with tax w/o cpn breakdownClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
CARGO record structureMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
IS-XML Transmission Summary invoice amount@currency code Beth KFenway Group1Question / Clarification
ReasonCode in PAX Prime source codeMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal1Question / Clarification
SIS RAM Currency Adjustment formatEkaterina KSiberia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Current period for Sandbox/Certification TestingSandra KLufthansa1Question / Clarification
version number in File Header RecordWong WCathay Pacific7Question / Clarification
Leading zeroes on outgoing invoicesLothar PLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Index file and transmission FileMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal1Question / Clarification
Code for Flight Direction (Line 276)Marliyana MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Is tax information required if tax is not imposedMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Possible TaxAmount@Name valuesAnna LSiberia Airlines6Question / Clarification
Currency codes in generalClaudia LLufthansa2Question / Clarification
Audit Trail: additional cargo rejection memo possible?Antje RLufthansa Cargo1Question / Clarification
Print Add-on Charges and Tax DataMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
ClearanceCurrencyCode and Exchange rateMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Invoice Summary ItemMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Memo Number format - why 11 Alphanumeric?Konda RQantas1Question / Clarification
MISC IS-IDEC SPECMi ZXM/524 AAE1Question / Clarification
Organisation ID in Transmision HeaderSusanne RISO Software Systeme2Question / Clarification
LJBF- PAX-RM Coupon brkdwn RecordShankar S1Question / Clarification
SC:15, RC:8EMarina S2Question / Clarification
ToAirport Or PointOfTransfer Code - Line # 450Zarir S1Question / Clarification
please Clarify the validation on tax breakdown recordWang Q1Question / Clarification
Element 18 and 19 for FIMShankar S1Question / Clarification
Element 19 of FIMShankar S1Question / Clarification
PAX IDEC File Totals Record 50Michael C1Question / Clarification
SFI 22/23, element 15Claudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Submission of SFI 29 - OC breakdown recordShanti DAir Canada1Question / Clarification
SFI 10, element 27: invoice typeClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Net Rejection Amt SignShankar S1Question / Clarification
Populate all value fields when rejecting?Matthew H1Question / Clarification
LIBF or RJZF?Wang Q1Question / Clarification
Misc XML - ClearanceCurrencyCodePeter WBritish Airways1Question / Clarification
Ticket NumberLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
Reference Data Records SFI 11/12Lori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
SFI 10, element 21: exchange rate CoL to CoBClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
PAX Rejection Memo RecordKathy YAlaska Airlines1Question / Clarification
Element 73 and 75Shankar S1Question / Clarification
SFI 41, element 4: format LJBF or RJZF?Claudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
IS-Validation flag elementShankar S1Question / Clarification
SFI 22 & SFI 33 Amount fieldsKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
Validation of Billing Reason CodeMatthew H1Question / Clarification
FIM RejectionLipikhina OUT air1Question / Clarification
Element 88 - RM Cpn Brkdwn RecordMichael C2Question / Clarification
The size of IssuingOrganizationIDAnna LSiberia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Miscelaneus: Currency code at line item levelMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal1Question / Clarification
Glossary for record structure codes (b-b, RJ ZF etc)Claudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Duplicate Billing record structureShankar S1Question / Clarification
Problems with Invoice Standard XSD V3.1Marco SLufthansa1Question / Clarification
City Name in IS-XML v3.1.1 (Misc Question)Peter WBritish Airways1Question / Clarification
Sample Record/Data RequiredMarliyana M1Question / Clarification
Validation of Currency of ListingShanti DAir Canada1Question / Clarification
Meaning of CUrrency of ListingShanti DAir Canada1Question / Clarification
Billing CodeLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
Attachments Index FileMatthew H1Question / Clarification
Standard Date Formate in IS-xmlBinbin DAccounting Centre of Chin6Question / Clarification
Character encoding standard for files?Claudia L2Question / Clarification
Pre-Idec ReportMarian SIBERIA4Question / Clarification
Tax billing through BMShankar S4Question / Clarification
ISPG 3.1.1 Change Log - Flight Date formatLance LAmerican Airlines1Question / Clarification
Misc question - Start & End DatesPeter W4Question / Clarification
Form C SFI 51 Element 7bLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
Misc Credit NotesPeter WBritish Airways1Question / Clarification
Element 51 and 18Shankar S1Question / Clarification
8P reason code for Credit MemoShankar S2Question / Clarification
SFI 10, element 27: blank as an option?Claudia L1Question / Clarification
SFI 53: only one ISC blockClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Sample Form F & XFDebby WNavitaire1Question / Clarification
Form E - Pax IS-IDEC Record StructureDebby WNavitaire1Question / Clarification
Incoming Form B - own stockLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
SFI 34 BM/CM VAT breakdown record: BM, CM number zero?Claudia LLufthansa2Question / Clarification
SFI 34 RM Coupon VAT breakdown record: RM number zero filled?Claudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Change in ISPG v3.1 relate to CMWang Q1Question / Clarification
regarding the added element of 'FIM/BM/CM indicator'Wang Q1Question / Clarification
Element 15 should be zero and not blankShankar S1Question / Clarification
Element 9 PAX-RM Cpn VAT brkdwnShankar S1Question / Clarification
SFI 43 - RM/BM/CM number has no comment/validationClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
SFI 43: Prorate Slip Breakdown RecordClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Tax Code'XT' as a valid code?Wang Q1Question / Clarification
Clarifications on MailsYixin WSIA2Question / Clarification
SFI 21 element 71 & 72 OverlapLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
Pax- Coupon data recordShankar S1Question / Clarification
Suspension flagShankar S1Question / Clarification
Pax coupon data record element 34Shankar S2Question / Clarification
Pax Invoice date element 20Shankar S1Question / Clarification
TeststatusMarco SLufthansa1Question / Clarification
SFI 31 - Remarks Element 11,12,13,14Lori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
Incorrect numbering changeLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
SFI 54 element 11Lori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
Sample Form E Invoice RecordLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
PAX Reference Data Record Part 1&2Lori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
SFI 20 element 27 Flight DateKonda RQantas7Suggestion (Change Request)
SFI 40: element 34 has no signClaudia LLufthansa2Question / Clarification
IS-IDEC sign fields associated to elements that could be zeroKonda RQantas2Question / Clarification
Validation on InvoiceNumber (MISC question)Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin1Question / Clarification
Carrier Code with AlphabetHayato IAll Nippon Airways4Question / Clarification
Element 67 Total net amount without VATShankar S1Question / Clarification
Element 32 in Pax- Coupon Data RecordShankar S1Question / Clarification
VAT on a single couponShankar S1Question / Clarification
SFI 51 - element "attachment indicator - original"Claudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Billing two types of VATShankar S1Question / Clarification
Alpha character in Pax Invoice header recordShankar S2Question / Clarification
About the naming of IS-validation ReportWang Q1Question / Clarification
SFI 32 Conditional elementsKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
CPN Data Record Element 17 Lori L1Question / Clarification
Is-Idec cargoMarta M2Question / Clarification
Billing Category "A"Elias B1Question / Clarification
XML tags for optional fieldsElias B1Question / Clarification
SFI 30 Source Code TotalLori L1Question / Clarification
Validating on ISC/UATP Amount in BMWang Q1Question / Clarification
Allowance of No CPN Breakdown in SC44/45/46?Wang Q1Question / Clarification
Handling FeeLori L1Question / Clarification
IS-IDECLori L1Question / Clarification
SFI 20, element no 28, 29: 4N correct?Claudia L2Question / Clarification
Guidance on populating IS-IDEC (record types)Jeff B1Question / Clarification
SPA CodeYusuf D1Question / Clarification
In SFI 52, how many data elements need? Eun L1Question / Clarification
Attachments validationBrenda C1Question / Clarification
Pax Invoice footer recordShankar S1Question / Clarification
ISPG 4.0?Claudia L2Question / Clarification
Cabin Class CodesPeter W2Question / Clarification
Test files IS-IDEC and passenger cargoMarta M1Question / Clarification
Inconsistency of standards (MISC question)Binbin D1Question / Clarification
SFI53, Element33 Benjamin R1Question / Clarification
ESAC Benjamin R1Question / Clarification
SFI 10 Element 15 Konda R1Question / Clarification
What format is SettlementMonthPeriod ?Peter W1Question / Clarification
Value for MailCategory (MISC question)Binbin D1Question / Clarification
Organization ID formatSonja K1Question / Clarification
Discrepancy in Misc file layoutShankar S1Question / Clarification
Clarifications on Grd Hdlg - CateringYixin W1Question / Clarification
SFI 20, Element 61 (Surcharge Amount)Benjamin R1Question / Clarification
Contradiction between standards (MISC question)Binbin D1Question / Clarification
Cargo IS-IDEC file formatZahida M1Question / Clarification
ISO Numeric Code vs ISO Alpha Currency CodeBenjamin R2Question / Clarification
IS flag with comma as separatorShankar S1Question / Clarification
Currency adjustment indicatorRattan B1Question / Clarification
Charge Code for Codeshare/Softblock TaxesElias B1Suggestion (Change Request)
Attachment Indicator - ValidatedKonda R1Question / Clarification
Naming Convention for Attachment File given by SISBinbin D1Question / Clarification
Miscellaneous Charge CategoriesPeter W1Question / Clarification
Clarifications on Mishandled pax and baggYixin W1Question / Clarification
"BF" in the IS-IDEC FileMatthew H1Question / Clarification
Passenger IS IDEC, element 18Pam F2Question / Clarification
Test Attachments fileMatthew H4Question / Clarification
Type Code of Pax Transportation (MISC question)Binbin D2Question / Clarification
Numeric fields on MISC XMLPeter W2Question / Clarification
Optional Attributes on IS XML filePeter W1Question / Clarification
Validation on Invoice Type CNClaudia L3Question / Clarification
SFI 20 Element 36 Interline Service Charge (%) SignKonda R1Question / Clarification
Passenger IS-IDEC, Invoice data RecordPam F1Question / Clarification
SFI 34: VAT breakdown, include country?Claudia L3Suggestion (Change Request)
ISC/UATP CalculationBenjamin R1Question / Clarification
SFI 53, element no. 20: description inconsistentClaudia L1Question / Clarification
SFI 10, element no 18: what is 'S'?Claudia L1Question / Clarification
SFI 21, element no 17: how to populate for form xF?Claudia L3Question / Clarification
Tixno, Memono 10 or 11 digits?Claudia L1Question / Clarification
Ordering of IS IDEC RecordsLance L1Question / Clarification
Attachments on Misc XML InvoicesPeter W4Question / Clarification
SFI 20, element no 30: please explainClaudia L1Question / Clarification
Tax breakdown for BM w/o cpn breakdown?Claudia L1Question / Clarification
SFI 40, element 10: PAR - format?Claudia L1Question / Clarification
Validation for taxes on FIMClaudia L2Suggestion (Change Request)
TAX Breakdown Record-PAXMa Y2Suggestion (Change Request)
File per CoB and CoL?Claudia L1Question / Clarification
SFI 32, element no. 86: 20A/N or 2A/N?Claudia L2Question / Clarification
First and Final Signatory IndicatorShankar S1Question / Clarification
Tax/VAT Registration IDShankar S1Question / Clarification
Format of 'NoiseClass' (MISC question)Binbin D5Question / Clarification
SFI 22/23, element no. 40: 216 A/N or 217 A/N?Claudia L2Question / Clarification
SFI 22/23, element no. 19: 0 A/N or 15 A/N?Claudia L2Question / Clarification
File Naming Convention & Date LengthBinbin D2Question / Clarification
Charge Code 'Security' (MISC question)Binbin D6Question / Clarification
Mandatory fields in IS record structureShankar S2Question / Clarification
SFI 20 - Coupon record for FIM, add fields?Claudia L1Suggestion (Change Request)
SFI 54 - elements 11, 21, 31, 41Claudia L1Question / Clarification
SFI 42 - element no. 9, 10: position incorrect?Claudia L1Question / Clarification
SFI 40 - Element 69: 65 A/N vs. 66 A/NClaudia L1Question / Clarification
MISC Rejection InvoiceBinbin D3Question / Clarification
The use of 'TaxAmount @Name' (MISC question)Binbin D3Question / Clarification
Length of 'AddonChargeAmount' (MISC question)Binbin D1Question / Clarification
Length of 'TotalVATAmount @CurrencyCode' (MISC question)Binbin D2Question / Clarification
Two 'Passenger Services Charges' (MISC question)Binbin D1Question / Clarification
Amount in CreditNote IS-XML exampleBinbin D2Question / Clarification
Values for 'ChargeCodeType' (MISC question)Binbin D1Question / Clarification
What is the value for 'MailCategory' Binbin D3Question / Clarification
What is the value for 'MailClass'?Binbin D4Question / Clarification
Rej stage for Misc billing Shankar S1Question / Clarification

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