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Legal, E-Invoicing, & Digital Signatures

Questions regarding questions of e-invoicing, digital signatures, and legal aspects of usage of Integrated Settlement.

SubjectCreated byCompanyRepliesDiscussion Type
Legal Text Of invoice summaryBarbara MTAP - Air Portugal0Question / Clarification
E-InvoicingHuda HSudan Airways1Question / Clarification
Rejection invoices and VAT Katarzyna K0Question / Clarification
Zero rate of VATRussell F1Question / Clarification
Digital Signature clarificationSubhasish BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
The FORMAT TIF - JPG ( for the supporting documentsCunha FTAM Linhas Aéreas2Question / Clarification
PDF Invoice LayoutMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal10Question / Clarification
PwC certificationMarina PAir Baltic3Question / Clarification
Certificate of digital signature providerEleonora SMALEV4Question / Clarification
Availability of PDF invoice images in the supporting documentsSubhasish BVirgin Atlantic3Question / Clarification
Cost for Offline ArchiveHayato IAll Nippon Airways1Question / Clarification
Electronic archiving during startupAdam R1Question / Clarification
digital signaturesChristian KAustrian1Question / Clarification
IATA SIS Participation AgreementBrian MAer Lingus1Question / Clarification
digital signaturesChristian KAustrian1Question / Clarification
ISPA Legal QuestionsAnn SUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
Legal invoice and CustomsEric BAir France1Question / Clarification
E-Invoicing Legal AspectsGabriel PAerolineas Argentinas1Question / Clarification
LEGAL QUERIES ON SIS PARTICIPATION AGREEMENTSachin BKingfisher Airlines1Question / Clarification
Availabilty of Invoices on IS WEBEric BAir France1Question / Clarification
Legal ContactMargaret SFederal Express2Question / Clarification
Possible Audit issue: IS-XML not available in Billing Entity Output FileSandra KLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Output file: Listing not printable in an easy way as CSVClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
PDF Invoice LayoutGeorgina WAir New Zealand1Question / Clarification
Misc Invoice CopiesGeorgina WAir New Zealand1Question / Clarification
Archiving outward (AR) invoicesRussell F1Question / Clarification
Billing File/Settlement FileMichael C3Question / Clarification
Digital Signature Allison JLan Airlines1Question / Clarification
Digital Signature - Brazil and other CountriesCunha FTAM Linhas Aéreas3Question / Clarification
Application of Digital Signature to Misc invoices onlyAlexei KSiberia Airlines1Question / Clarification
ISPG 3.1 Sample FilesElias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
Is InvoiceNyambu IKenya Airways1Question / Clarification
Clarification on Digital SignatureJohnson RAir Botswana1Question / Clarification
MISC Invoice Question (Tax)Hayley PTravelport 1G A731Question / Clarification
Invoice fileEun LKorean Air1Question / Clarification
Provider of Digital SignatureElias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
Cargo line item detail invoice samplesLi KChina Airlines1Question / Clarification

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