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Timelines & Mandate Dates

Questions regarding the timelines of IS, including mandate dates and policies about when you need to implement certain functionality. See the website for more information.

SubjectCreated byCompanyRepliesDiscussion Type
Mandate DateCynthia SAeronautical Radio Inc.1Question / Clarification
April 2013 MandateCynthia SAeronautical Radio Inc.1Question / Clarification
Airline starting with CGO SISGudrun GLufthansa Cargo2Question / Clarification
SIS Output FilesMichael C2Question / Clarification
cargo invoice in IS-WEB Zineb ARoyal Air Maroc2Question / Clarification
Migration Scenarios and OLD IDEC Service discontinuedGudrun GLufthansa Cargo1Question / Clarification
CARGO sandbox testingShanti DAir Canada7Question / Clarification
Cargo SISChris YHawaiian Airlines3Question / Clarification
Mandate Date: non-fictitious valuesSandra KLufthansa4Question / Clarification
rejection for non receipt of paper documentsZineb ARoyal Air Maroc1Question / Clarification
CGO Prime billings - mandate dateSandra KLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Sample filesJeremy DThe Airline Software Co1Question / Clarification
CARGO SIS migrationVera RJat Airways4Question / Clarification
Paper documentationVera RJat Airways2Question / Clarification
ISPA & Sandbox Key Datesexternaluser:$ucm200-u22jlts393lv1Question / Clarification
Migrate within 4 months of Certification testing completionLee SAeronautical Radio, Inc1Question / Clarification
SIS CALENDERSheikh A4Question / Clarification
TimelineChristian KAustrian1Question / Clarification
Postpone IATA Go-liveDavid VTravelport International1Question / Clarification
Connectivity testing with the Sandbox Testing environmentKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
Sandbox not workingElias BSWISS4Question / Clarification
Access to Sandbox without signing IS Participation AgreementKonda RQantas11Question / Clarification
Timeline for AutobillingSergio AAir Europa1Question / Clarification
Sandbox for MiscMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines3Question / Clarification
TimelinesJuhani PFinnair3Question / Clarification
Cut-off dateTerence TCathay Pacific1Question / Clarification
Member ProfileEdoardo C1Question / Clarification
ISPG 3.2 Release date?Lori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
About F12 File DiscontinuationYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
About Old Idec/Downconverted Cutover DateErdem OTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Access to the SandboxAlexei KSiberia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Block incoming claims via ICH-WEBElias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
migrationMarina SAir Moldova1Question / Clarification
Misc- Supporting Documents TimeframeGeorgina WAir New Zealand1Question / Clarification
Participation Agreement - Tracking Target and Actual Sign-UpsDavid VTravelport International1Question / Clarification
CARGO example filesMichael VEL AL1Question / Clarification
SIS submission deadline and ICH close dateMatthew H1Question / Clarification
Migration and Cut Over datesGeorgina WAir New Zealand1Question / Clarification
Migration timeline and Impacts for non-migrated airlineHui LCathay Pacific1Question / Clarification
The schedule of sandbox testing for CargoBrenda CEVA Air1Question / Clarification
Certification SlotsYusuf DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
IS calender submission deadline vs. ICH dateClaudia L1

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