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Technical Aspects of Migration

Questions related to the technical aspects of your migration from non-IS to IS-enabled (e.g. submitting old and new formats at the same time, IS-IDEC downconversion, and rules about migration). It is not for the migration processes you will go through in order to sign up to the system.

SubjectCreated byCompanyRepliesDiscussion Type
SIS Member ListAlan SSkyWest Airlines2Question / Clarification
Cannot participants select SFTP-Transfer or not by every file-type ?Keiichi YANA Info Systems Planning2Question / Clarification
Invoices ProcessHuda HSudan Airways0Question / Clarification
UATPSheryl SJetBlue0Question / Clarification
Rejections and supporting documentsMarli STAM Linhas Aéreas0Question / Clarification
IS-WEB for Cargo. Validate linking detailesAnna LSiberia Airlines0Question / Clarification
Invoice Supporting Document NamingSubhasish BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Style Sheet (xml to PDF)Erik MSAS1Question / Clarification
Profile concerning UATPErik MSAS1Question / Clarification
Downgraded OLD IDEC file from ATPCo and in IS-WEBGudrun GLufthansa Cargo1Question / Clarification
Member profile entry: Enable OLD IDEC CGOGudrun GLufthansa Cargo1Question / Clarification
Old IDEC transmissionVasco STAP Portugal1Question / Clarification
Member ProfileMary PBritish Airways1Question / Clarification
Unable to uplaod PDF fileRajan SAir India0Question / Clarification
Sandbox testing difficultiesShanti DAir Canada1Question / Clarification
When the Old Idec as to be sentJacques T7Question / Clarification
Issue on sandbox to SUBMIT A FILE for "Supporting document"Christophe RAir France1Question / Clarification
iiNet for UATP ?Russell F1Question / Clarification
How to avoid duplicate billing of rejections between migrated/non-migrated carrier?Claudia LLufthansa6Question / Clarification
Downconverted IDEC Lori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
ICH WEBZineb ARoyal Air Maroc1Question / Clarification
Downloadable CalendarAlan SSkyWest Airlines1Question / Clarification
Downloadable Member ListAlan SSkyWest Airlines3Question / Clarification
Migrated and non Migrated carrierZineb ARoyal Air Maroc1Question / Clarification
Additional certificationOlga KAeroflot1Question / Clarification
is-XMLMi ZXM/524 AAE1Question / Clarification
Reimporting/downloading XML file.Subhasish BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Testing of downconverted IdecPaula MFinnair1Question / Clarification
Payables filesPatricia VTAM Linhas Aéreas3Question / Clarification
old-IDECPatricia VTAM Linhas Aéreas1Question / Clarification
Passenger rejectionsHicham ARoyal Air Maroc3Question / Clarification
Content of XML file from iiNET in case of any error in previously received file.Subhasish BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Moving to ProductionBrian MAer Lingus1Question / Clarification
correctible errors & validation reportsSandra KLufthansa0Question / Clarification
Miscellaneous rejections of non migrating airlinesHicham ARoyal Air Maroc1Question / Clarification
Submit flies through iiNETZhiyun YXiamen Airlines1Question / Clarification
Validation Report_ to MemberMarina PAir Baltic1Question / Clarification
Primes/RMs/BMs via IS-IDEC and CMs via IS-WEBShanti DAir Canada3Question / Clarification
Form 3 transmissionEric BAir France1Question / Clarification
Old Idec and downconverted Iced in separate filesMarjo MFinnair3Question / Clarification
Debtors FilesAndrea GAerolineas Argentinas1Question / Clarification
Submission of IS-XML and Supporting Documents by SISMicaela JTAP - Air Portugal4Question / Clarification
Misc - Receipt of FilesGeorgina WAir New Zealand2Question / Clarification
Fallback ScenarioElias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
File extension for Uncompressed IS-IDEC for sandbox testingKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
Receiving supporting documents with Misc XML inbound invoicesMonica DVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
IS IDEC Test File AvailabilityJan KHawaiian Airlines1Suggestion (Change Request)
Minimum internet browser requirements for IS-WEBKonda RQantas5Question / Clarification
File submitting directory iiNETEkaterina KSiberia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Validation ReportMargaret MCeicom, an Indra Company6Question / Clarification
Flight Number and Flight Time for Handling LM - (Miscellaneous Engg)Arikatla SQantas1Question / Clarification
Downconversion and Inv NoErik MSAS4Question / Clarification
Rejection On Validation FailureKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
UOM - Conversion issue from 2 Char to 3 CharArikatla SQantas1Question / Clarification
Airline details layoutMargaret MCeicom, an Indra Company1Question / Clarification
Files ValidationsMargaret MCeicom, an Indra Company1Question / Clarification
MiscellaneousMargaret MCeicom, an Indra Company1Question / Clarification
Form C layoutMargaret MCeicom, an Indra Company1Question / Clarification
Migration Dates - Other AirlinesGeorgina WAir New Zealand2Suggestion (Change Request)
Format of 2nd Stage RejectionMichael C1Question / Clarification
WebF12 and payments during/after migrationAllison JLan Airlines1Question / Clarification
FORM C MigrationHayato IAll Nippon Airways3Question / Clarification
SIS rejection for non-migrated entity?Michael C4Question / Clarification
Linking of Supporting DocumentsMichael C1Question / Clarification
Identifying downgraded SIS-IDECMichael C2Question / Clarification
IS-IDEC to SIS serverDebby WNavitaire5Question / Clarification
IDEC file received after migrationWong WCathay Pacific2Question / Clarification
Handling both IS-IDEC and OLD IDECWong WCathay Pacific1Question / Clarification
Treatment of Non-IDEC Carrier for delayed migrationZarir S3Question / Clarification
Request for Create Table ScriptsEun LKorean Air1Question / Clarification
How is sandbox member profile synchronized with production environment?Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin1Question / Clarification
is-xml vs is-idec matrixMark MFenway Group1Question / Clarification
Connectivity InformationLance LAmerican Airlines1Question / Clarification
Migrated only prime Shankar S6Question / Clarification

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