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Participation Agreement & Implementation Support

Questions regarding the support that SIS will be offering to help you implement SIS, such as documents, the website, workshops, or other materials.

SubjectCreated byCompanyRepliesDiscussion Type
iiNET SetupHuda HSudan Airways0Question / Clarification
Access to Inwards documentsHuda HSudan Airways0Question / Clarification
Migration Plans - Change of dateCunha FTAM Linhas Aéreas1Question / Clarification
Reference Data Update CSV File" - ISPG 12,12Cunha FTAM Linhas Aéreas1Question / Clarification
sign in the ISPAHanifa AAir Algerie1Question / Clarification
Attachment B - DSViktoriya SUral Airlines1Question / Clarification
EU Data Protection LawsSheryl SJetBlue1Question / Clarification
Download the Menber ProfileZhiyun YXiamen Airlines1Question / Clarification
Contact AssigmentRussell F1Question / Clarification
attachment GMira KEL AL1Question / Clarification
Inward billing IS-IDEC test filesKonda RQantas4Question / Clarification
EK Legal query on ISPAShankar S3Question / Clarification
Migration PlanMohamedamine HSEVENAIR2Question / Clarification
Implementation schedule with reference to ISPA 4.6Tzung-hsing WChina Airlines3Question / Clarification
Pricing Schedule with reference to ISPA Attachment ATzung-hsing WChina Airlines8Question / Clarification
Sandbox Testing AgreementMark ZUS Airways, Inc.1Question / Clarification
Migration PlanPatricia VTAM Linhas Aéreas2Question / Clarification
Insurance Certificate & Late Submission FeeAlexander PHahn Air1Question / Clarification
Inward Billing IS-IDECKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
Sandbox Website and IS Participation AgreementEsther LSIA1Question / Clarification
BT-657_Signed IS Participation AgreementMarina PAir Baltic2Question / Clarification
BT-657_IS Participation Agreement return_via EmailMarina PAir Baltic2Question / Clarification
Signature of ISPATzung-hsing WChina Airlines3Question / Clarification
CBT not working (4.4)Russell F3Question / Clarification
Support for non-pilot carrier testingKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
On-going CBTIan BVirgin Atlantic2Question / Clarification
Permissions listWendy GVirgin Atlantic2Question / Clarification
CBT for Processing DashboardRussell F1Question / Clarification
Accessing the RepositoryWendy GVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
CBT Eva GEL AL1Question / Clarification
Specific Misc and Cargo ImplementationStuart AVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
CBT - AccessAnnmaree L1Question / Clarification
CBT CompatibilityIan BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification

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