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Signing Up & Migration Steps

Questions regarding your company's IS signup and migration process, such as signing of the agreement, initial profile update, sandbox testing, etc.

SubjectCreated byCompanyRepliesDiscussion Type
AT Migration MiscellaneousZineb ARoyal Air Maroc0Question / Clarification
Migration MISCSheryl SJetBlue1Question / Clarification
Carrier migration plans for CARGORussell F1Question / Clarification
Moving to PRODWalter SVirgin America1Question / Clarification
LY migration datesMira KEL AL6Question / Clarification
Sandbox test slotKhairiah MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
Testing for UATPRussell F0Question / Clarification
late migration to SISHanifa AAir Algerie1Question / Clarification
Cargo sample filesRussell F1Question / Clarification
Merged OLD IDEC FILE from ATPCoGudrun GLufthansa Cargo1Question / Clarification
USER ID FOR SANDBOX TESTINGSachin BKingfisher Airlines1Question / Clarification
SandBox and produciton environmentYamazaki AAll Nippon Airways1Question / Clarification
Migration of carriers datesLori LDelta Air Lines5Question / Clarification
PDF agreement sent, what's next?Winnie CTransAsia Airways1Question / Clarification
Migration PlanZhiyun YXiamen Airlines3Question / Clarification
Sandbox Testing & Certification TestingSubhasish BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Period of migrationZineb ARoyal Air Maroc3Question / Clarification
IS-WEB & IS-XML Nil OTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
CGO pilot testingMira KEL AL1Question / Clarification
Move to ProductionZhiyun YXiamen Airlines1Question / Clarification
using sandbox environmemtMira KEL AL1Question / Clarification
direct subscription to SIS Rafeq SYemenia1Question / Clarification
Relaxation IS Validation ChecksPam FGreat Lakes Airlines, Ltd2Question / Clarification
Annex 2Vera RJat Airways2Question / Clarification
Participation Agreement sending to IATA, MontrealVera RJat Airways2Question / Clarification
SIS guide Annex 1-2Irina CDjnbassaero4Question / Clarification
New User IDSachin BKingfisher Airlines1Question / Clarification
SIS-M migrating step by stepChristian KAustrian1Question / Clarification
Logo and LocationEsther LSIA1Question / Clarification
Locations (Mbr Profile)Erik MSAS1Question / Clarification
Sign up and Certification GuidePam FGreat Lakes Airlines, Ltd2Question / Clarification
Member Profile Template v1Pam FGreat Lakes Airlines, Ltd1Question / Clarification
September submited IDECSergio AAir Europa1Question / Clarification
IS CalendarPam FGreat Lakes Airlines, Ltd1Question / Clarification
Super User PermissionsLori LDelta Air Lines1Question / Clarification
Super UserEsther LSIA1Question / Clarification
Testing SandboxWalter SVirgin America0Question / Clarification
Member profile updationRadhika SJet Airways1Question / Clarification
OAR/DSZhiyun YXiamen Airlines1Question / Clarification
Update Member ProfileZhiyun YXiamen Airlines1Question / Clarification
If not sign ISPA on timeBinbin DAccounting Centre of Chin1Question / Clarification
All Contact AssignmentsMargaret SFederal Express1Question / Clarification
LocationMargaret SFederal Express1Question / Clarification
Download and see Reports from IS Sandbox WebXisco RAir Europa1Question / Clarification
training platform of IS-WebChristian KAustrian1Question / Clarification
No validation report generated from sandbox testingSteven CEVA Air3Question / Clarification
IS Participation AgreementEsther LSIA3Question / Clarification
Member Bank DetailsElias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
SIS Sandbox Terms of UseHayley PTravelport 1G A731Question / Clarification
Correspondence gets expiredNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
PAX data exchange between migrated and non-migrated company after Sep 2011Vera RJat Airways3Question / Clarification
Sandbox availability Hayley PTravelport 1G A732Question / Clarification
Sandbox TestingLipikhina OUT air1Question / Clarification
Test IS-WEB system ?Brian MAer Lingus1Question / Clarification
Member Super userGabriel PAerolineas Argentinas1Question / Clarification
Sandbox Testing "Collated Data"Walter SVirgin America1Question / Clarification
Key Dates to Go LiveIan BVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Integrated Settlement Participation AgreementKonda RQantas1Question / Clarification
SIS Signup and Certification Guide, including Participation AgreementKonda RQantas4Question / Clarification
Document for SIS startupNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Member Profile in sandbox migrated to live?Malcolm RAir New Zealand1Question / Clarification
Signup and slot for certificationClaudia LLufthansa5Question / Clarification
Member Profile 10.4.5. Passenger DetailsCagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Member Profile 10.4.5. Passenger Details, Additional OutputsCagdas DTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Location for outsource partnersRussell F1Question / Clarification
Super user accountHicham ARoyal Air Maroc1Question / Clarification
Set up Member Profile & Super User DetailsMari OQantas1Question / Clarification
Activate Member ProfileMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
RejectionsNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Rejection ModuleNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Attachment process of supportingNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Correspondence ModuleNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE1Question / Clarification
Migration PlanNilesh SSUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE2Question / Clarification
Membership status level 'Pending'Michael C3Question / Clarification
Completing Annex 2Wendy GVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
Membership Status Levels in SISRussell F1Question / Clarification
Participation GuideStuart AVirgin Atlantic1Question / Clarification
IS Participation AgreementJohnson RAir Botswana4Question / Clarification
migration stepsMarina SAir Moldova2Question / Clarification
Migration Process 11.3.3Sandra D1Suggestion (Change Request)
ICH/SIS on F1 Rep & /DebtorsMari OQantas1Question / Clarification
Misc: migration of one charge category only?Claudia LLufthansa4Question / Clarification
Class M IS-XML CertificationUn CMalaysia Airlines3Question / Clarification
The migration rule and it’s impact(MISC)Binbin DAccounting Centre of Chin5Suggestion (Change Request)
Keeping track of which carrier has migratedEsther LSIA1Question / Clarification
InteractivityGulzhanat BAir Astana2Question / Clarification
Participation Agreement Release DateAlexei K8Question / Clarification
Participation Agreement - Tracking Target and Actual Sign-UpsDavid VTravelport International1Question / Clarification
Participation Agreement Release DateCunha FTAM Linhas Aéreas1Question / Clarification
Removing Paper InvoicesErdem OTHY - Turkish Airlines1Question / Clarification
Sandbox Availability dateMarliyana MMalaysia Airlines1Question / Clarification
SIS Participation AgreementSvetla EBulgaria Air1Question / Clarification
IS Profile SetupAlexander PHahn Air1Question / Clarification
Misc - AP first then AR migrationYixin WSIA2Question / Clarification
TEST File IS-XML MiscElias BSWISS1Question / Clarification
Transfer periodClaudia LLufthansa1Question / Clarification
Test IS-IDEC fileKonda R1Question / Clarification
Signup GuideBenjamin R2Question / Clarification
Pilot CarriersSandra D1Question / Clarification

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