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IATA Performance, Weight & Balance

​​​​A complete iPad EFB solution for your aircraft

Our flight performance and weight & balance software, 'IATA Performance', was created to respond to the increasing popula​rity of the iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) device.


Powered by DynamicSource EFB, the innovative software behind IATA Performance offers EFB applications for iOS devices, transforming the iPad into an active business and decision-making tool for flight operations​


  • Optimized off-line SCAP based performance calculations during all phases of flight or all aircraft types
  • Maximized payload and decreased fuel usage
  • Fully customizable applications
  • Interface with legacy systems
  • Saves critical time and improves operational efficiency​

EFB made easy through integrated modules

  • Aircraft Performance (take-off and landing): the application allows an operator to generate performance calculations shortly before take-off, creating an opportunity to
    incorporate last minute changes with respect to aircraft loading and runway conditions
  • Weight & Balance: load-sheets that are platform independent – therefore cross-compatible (e.g. iOS, Windows, Android) – and can access third party sources if used with connectivity (e.g. Loads data from Altéa-Amadeus data)


“The SAS Flight Operations team is having the best experience with IATA Performance, Weight & Balance, powered by DynamicSource. The performance SCAP formatted tool they customized for us, is a much quicker and more accurate solution than what we used before, when running the calculations on a ground-based server through ACARS.

Anders Lundell, Manager Performance, Flight Operations Engineer, Scandinavian Airlines


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