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Safety & Flight Operations Solutions

​​Our safety​ and flight operations tools and business intelligence solutions are designed to support a safe, secure, efficient and economical air transport industry that is environmentally sustainable.

We provide practical services to the aviation​ industry in the areas of Air Traffic Management, Safety, Quality and Flight Operations.​​​

​Air Traffic Management


SkyFusion​ provides an integrated view of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) system. It's a cloud-based platform that enables real-time information exchange between ATM ​brings together Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM), Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) and System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

Safety and Quality


The IATA Aviation Safety Culture (I-ASC) Survey​ addresses the industry’s need to measure and continuously improve safety culture, using a standardized methodology and key performance indicators. The survey allows airlines to benchmark their ​​safety culture against their peers across the industry using comparable KPIs.


With the IMX software, IATA offers airlines and ground service providers a simple, efficient and cost-effective quality and safety management solution. Developed in collaboration with airlines, IMX enables to effectively manage all the basic elements of both quality and safety management systems on a single electronic software platform.

Flight Data Connect

This is a unique, industry-leading flight data analysis service, which allows airlines to outsource this function to an external provider easily and securely. In addition, Flight Data Connect is the only flight data monitoring (FDM) service in the world than enables organizations to benchmark their safety parameters to other airlines in the industry.

Flight Operations

IATA Performance, Weight & Balance

IATA Performance​ is a technical performance calculation tool on iOS, for airlines with a mixed fleet of aircraft. 

Th​is tool is optimized for offline Standard Computerized Aircraft Performance (SCAP) based performance calculations. Used during all phases of flight and for all aircraft types, this tool allows airlines to maximize payload, decrease fuel usage, and improve operational efficiency.

Ops KPI (formerly fuel management information system)

Our Ops KPI is a tool that tracks an airline's fuel and carbon emissions reduction program. Using actual data, Ops KPI tracks fuel performance in all defined operational areas against your airline’s set targets.


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