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Global Agency Pro (GAP)

"" Streamline your marketing and build stronger agency channel relationships with Global Agency Pro, the new business intelligence solution.

Do you know who your best-selling travel agencies are?​

Which travel agencies have sold the most tickets to your destination? Which travel agencies sell the most tickets to the destination you compete with? What is the return on your marketing investment to travel agencies?

Global Agency Pro will take your organization’s marketing efforts to the next level. Identify high value travel agencies for your destination by learning who sells what, when and where. Find out how your competition is performing. Identify which agencies support you... or should be supporting you.

Make the most of your travel agency partnerships

Global Agency Pro is an interactive online business intelligence tool that is used to identify which ARC or IATA-accredited agencies are selling a particular travel market with pinpoint accuracy. It uses daily data from the largest global ticket sales database and the global network of travel agencies of ARC and IATA and organizes and sorts this data for you, confirming that you receive up-to-date and accurate agency contact and sales data.

This helps you identify the travel agencies which are valuable for your destination. Use it to manage your marketing budget wisely, plan and analyze campaigns, and make more effective business decisions.

How does it work?

Once you select the destinations you want to focus on, you can view data such as sales and ticketing performance, destination loyalty and travel agency contact information. Global Agency Pro offers up to 36 months of historical data. Easy-to-use and flexible reporting features make this application a must-have for any destination or tourism organization in the travel business.

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