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Market Intelligence Services (MarketIS)

Global Airline Passenger Statistics On Demand

Air Traffic Dynamics Explained: MarketIS reports provide an accurate ‘’snapshot’’ of airline passenger flows world-wide essential to strategic analysis for any business connected to the broader travel and tourism industry.  

Retailers, tourism boards, hotels, food chains, car rental companies, financial institutions, 
can all benefit from airline market data delivered on demand, according to custom queries they submit.

Multiple traffic flow filtering options

  • O&Ds, route segments or specific regions
  • Country of sale, point of sale and service class details
  • Average fares

Explore passenger flows to specific destinations, see which carriers and travel agencies dominate on specific routes or in particular regions, analyze average fares, route seasonality, year-over-year performance and more.

Figures are derived from issued tickets settled through IATA’s global BSP system, calibrated to reflect total market size estimates.

Thorough insight of market dynamics

MarketIS is a cost-effective, accurate and reliable solution that allows you to: 

  • Identify new opportunities and sources of revenue
  • Analyze consumer behavior and develop sales strategies
  • Evaluate individual airline performance (market vs. capacity shares, etc.)
  • Keep an eye on the competition and monitor market share gaps
  • Make informed business and product development decisions

Stay on top of market trends and capitalize on real business opportunities now!

Download a MarketIS sample report  

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