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Operations Intelligence Services (OpsIS)

OpsIS will serve as the cornerstone for operational excellence. OpsIS is a concept that will allow airlines to benchmark all aspects of their operational performance against the industry's overall performace through the creation relevant and well-defined KPIs the creation of a database of airline direct operational data. 

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For airlines to fully understand and optimize the customer experience, they need the ability to have a complete and granular view of their operations - and to know how these operations fare against industry benchmarks and other airlines. 

There are no industry defined operational KPIs which are calculated in a consistent manner by each airline. That's why benchmarking the industry’s operational performance accurately is so difficult. OpsIS' goal is to:

  • bring the world's airlines together, to jointly define operational KPIs
  • use airline direct operational data to provide the industry with an accurate and consolidated view of the industry's operational performance. 

The industry needs to collaborate to establish uniform, accepted operational benchmarks along with contibuting the necessary operational data to be benchmarked against.

With this knowledge in hand, airlines can:

  • understand how their own performance measures up against the industry as a whole
  • identify where performance gaps exist 

From there, IATA and member airlines, can begin establishing operational best practices to serve as a foundation for sound and efficient operations.

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