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Airs@t - Benchmark your service quality

Take a good look at how your competitors are doing

Airs@t is a passenger satisfaction benchmarking survey designed for airlines. Track and compare your customer satisfaction ratings with that of your competitors.  The in-depth research covers all travel service aspects of the pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight passenger travel experience. 

Knowing how you perform vs. your competitors, what passengers think and are willing to pay for is priceless.  How does your airline measure up?

Airs@t captures the complete travel experience across all customer touch-points in one survey.  All information comes straight from the source: the passengers.

  • Get satisfaction benchmarks for 23 major airlines
  • Glean information from  passengers travelling from 27 airports 
  • Get feedback from over 40,000 passengers per year
  • Receive survey details on more than 50 measured attributes

 Passengers    The Airs@t questionnaire is distributed to passengers flying on the following routes:
  • Long haul flights between Europe, the Middle East and Asia
  • Long haul transatlantic flights
  • Long haul transpacific flights
  • Short haul intra-Europe flights

The Airs@t Advantage - Meet your passengers’ needs and expectations

Gain a competitive edge and build customer loyalty

Superior service is a key differentiator in any market, especially in air transportation. Test how you rate against major airlines and understand what it takes to be the best!

From reservation and check-in procedures to in-flight services and baggage delivery, use Airs@t to get a true picture of your strengths and weaknesses.Gain an in-depth understanding of the competitive threats to your airline and the opportunities you have to improve customer loyalty.

  • Benchmark specific routes to pinpoint improvement opportunities
  • Evaluate the effects of service changes to your competitive position
  • Offer the right services to your clients before opening new routes
  • Learn which factors have an  immediate, positive impact on your performance
  • Know more about your customers’ needs and expectations
  • Get an early reading on the introduction of new services
  • Assess existing services
  • Communicate improvement targets effectively to your line managers
  • Monitor competitor performance
  • Fine-tune your service to boost passenger satisfaction
  • Spot opportunities for new revenues 

The Airs@t Report  - The must-have reference tool for smart business

How does your airline measure up?

Get reports, analysis, charts and ratings covering every customer service touch-point

  • Reservations: 5 attributes, e.g. customer wait time before being served
  • Website: 4 attributes, e.g. ease of booking
  • Check-In: 7 attributes, e.g. queuing time
  • Lounge: 4 attributes, e.g. comfort
  • Boarding: 5 attributes, e.g. helpful and courteous gate staff
  • Cabin: 8 attributes, e.g. condition of interior
  • Seat: 7 attributes, e.g. leg room
  • Cabin crew: 7 attributes, e.g. responsiveness
  • In-Fight Entertainment: 11 attributes, e.g. selection of movies
  • Food & Beverage: 5 attributes, e.g. selection of meals
  • Arrival: 5 attributes, e.g. speed of luggage delivery
  • Socio demographics and flying patterns: 8 attributes, e.g. gender, age and reason for travel
  • FFP: 4 attributes, e.g. overall rating of FFP
  • Asymmetry analysis: the key attributes that most impact passenger satisfaction
  • Management Summary: overall indicators (KPIs) covering 5 attributes, e.g. overall passenger satisfaction and repurchase intention

With Airs@t you have the option of viewing your reports online via a powerful web tool or creating your own reports via download flat files.

Dare to compare and act with confidence?


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