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Global System Solutions

Global System Solutions is a must for companies looking to automate their business processes and grow their distribution channels globally.
Offered on subscription with scheduled updates, Global System Solutions is the most complete database of travel locations available.

Delivered electronically in text format and suitable for any applications requiring a comprehensive list of travel outlets, this products is essential to:

  1. Create a reservation and/or customer relations database of over 120,000 records
  2. Reconcile ticketing/booking information with the selling agents
  3. Facilitate commission payments and accounting operations
  4. Schedule automated agency information updates
  5. Conduct marketing and promotional activities

Information FieldsData CoverageUpdate FrequencyFile Format
Main Agency data fields included:

  1. IATA Numeric Code
  2. Agency Legal Name
  3. Agency Trading Name
  4. Agency Status
  1. Head Office Numeric Code
  2. Email Address
  3. Complete Address
  4. Phone Number

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