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World's best source for airline statistics, obtained directly from airlines


IATA Statistic is the world-renowned source for airline statistics.

Covering total markets, including IATA members as well as non-members, regional and global carriers, low-costs and legacy carriers, mixed and all-cargo operations, IATA Statistics provides the best and most timely statistics solutions that fulfill your need.

Our statistics products portfolio includes:

Passenger Forecast
This long term passenger forecast is produced in a partnership with Tourism Economics  (an Oxford Economics Company)

Freight Forecast
This is the tool you need to analyze the future of freight traffic demand.

Monthly Industry, Regional, & Airline Traffic Statistics
IATA’s most frequent and timely traffic statistics solution providing worldwide coverage. Delivered at the end of the consecutive month.

World Air Transport Statistics Yearbook
WATS gives you a complete statistical picture of the airline industry.

Custom Analysis
Customized solutions for your special data needs.

Where these statistics come from

Statistical information is collected first hand from airlines through the following data collection schemes:

  • Monthly Aggregated Traffic Statistics (MATS) (monthly) ​
  • Route Area Statistics (monthly) 
  • On-Flight Origin-Destination Statistics (OFODS) (monthly) 
  • Annual Air Transport Statistics (AATS) (annual) 

Airlines, IATA members as well as non-members, are invited to participate in the data collections. Participating airlines receive free of charge (extracts) of the respective Monthly Statistics or WATS. Airlines participating in the OFODS and/or RAS collections can also access microdata files of the respective collections for a cost-recovery fee.
For more information, please contact us for further details.


For more information, please contact us. ​​


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