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Aviation Studies - International Aviation Training Program

Courses span both the vocational and professional training & development spheres and include commercial and operational functions accros the Aviation Industry.

Achieve your professional goals in a flexible and cost-effective way – whether you're starting a career in aviation or seeking advanced management training at the executive level.

Delivery methods:

Certification programs:

Diploma programs:

  • IATA Leadership & Management Training Program in collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing

Legal Courses:

  • Legal Compliance training, eLearning
Advanced Crew Resource Management / Threat Error Management - Initial (eLearning)
Air Transport Fundamentals
Air Transport Fundamentals with Harvard ManageMentor
Airline Cabin Crew Training
Airline Cabin Crew Training with Harvard ManageMentor
Airline Customer Service
Airline Customer Service with Harvard ManageMentor
Airline Finance & Accounting Management with Harvard ManageMentor
Airline Finance and Accounting Management (Distance Learning)
Airline Marketing (Second Edition)
Airline Marketing (Second Edition) with Harvard ManageMentor
Airline Revenue Management
Airline Revenue Management with Harvard ManageMentor
Airport Operations - Distance Learning
Airport Operations with Harvard ManageMentor
Airport Ramp Services
Airport Ramp Services with Harvard ManageMentor
Airport Ramp Services, eLearning
Airports and Runways (eLearning)
Aviation Security Awareness
Aviation Security Awareness Course (eLearning)
Aviation Security Awareness Course with Harvard ManageMentor
Basic Aerodynamics (eLearning)
Basic Airside Safety (eLearning)
Basic Crew Resource Management - Threat and Error Management (CRM/TEM), eLearning
Charts, Maps and Airspace (eLearning)
Cours d’introduction en voyage et tourisme pour le Leadership & Management Training Program
Cultural Intelligence: The Basics (eLearning)
Digital Principles - Advanced (eLearning)
Digital Principles - Basic & Advanced Package (eLearning)
Digital Principles - Basic (eLearning)
Earth Orientation (eLearning)
Extended Twin Engine Operations (ETOPS), eLearning
Fatigue Awareness & Personal Mitigation Strategies – Cabin Crew (eLearning)
Fatigue Awareness & Personal Mitigation Strategies – Flight Crew
Fatigue Awareness & Personal Mitigation Strategies – Maintenance Personnel
Foundation in Travel and Tourism
Ground Operations Management
Ground Operations Management with Harvard ManageMentor
IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) - Category 10 (eLearning)
Introduction to Safety Management Systems (eLearning)
Introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS)
Introduction to the Airline Industry
Introduction to the Airline Industry with Harvard ManageMentor
Legal Compliance Training (eLearning)
Maintenance Diagnostic Systems (eLearning)
Minimum Navigation Performance Specification (MNPS), eLearning
Passenger Ground Services
Passenger Ground Services with Harvard ManageMentor
Pre-Flight Planning (eLearning)
Radios and Communications (eLearning)
Required Navigation Performance - Precision Area Navigation (RNP-PRNAV), eLearning
Required Navigation Performance (RNP), eLearning
Required navigation performance, area navigation (RNP-RNAV), eLearning
RVSM - Maintenance (eLearning)
Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (SMGCS), eLearning
Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II), eLearning
VFR Navigational Plotting & Dead Reckoning (eLearning)
Weather Theory (eLearning)
机场运营 – 远程学习


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