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Keep your employees in the know through Workforce Florida Subsidized training

An investment in your employees generates immediate returns, by empowering them to expand their knowledge of the air cargo industry. Take advantage of Florida State Grants through the recognized cargo training expertise of IATA and CNS.

CNS, an IATA company, in partnership with Broward College, has recently been approved by Workforce Florida to provide cargo training under a state funded grant, entitled QRT (Quick Response Training). The grant is designed to help subsidize air cargo training in the State of Florida, with the intent to help bolster international trade and export opportunities.

Criteria for the grant funding

  • Training will be in classroom format, "customized" and focused at the company level or open, mixed classroom courses with other companies present 
  • Participants must be full-time, permanent employees, as well as Florida residents
  • The training can take place either on-site at the company's location or at the IATA Miami Regional Training Center
  • Qualified businesses include: freight forwarders, airlines, airports, ground service providers and other for profit businesses that support cargo logistics in the state of Florida

Application details

Companies interested in participating will need to identify the specific course(s), desired training dates, location, and employees who will attend. An employee will only be eligible for one course (a maximum of $1,000 total in subsidized funding) under the grant, as the intent is to provide training to as many individuals as possible. Courses must be completed by August 2013.

The funding can be used to attend any of IATA's classroom cargo courses (see scheduled cargo courses, see scheduled DGR courses).

For a full list of eligible courses, see our cargo training catalogue (pdf).

Contact information

Apply now to secure your funding and register for an IATA cargo course. For more information about the grant and training opportunities, please contact:

CNS: +1 786 413 1022 or Miami Training Center: +1 305 779 9860 or



Additional information

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