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Anjelika Mislitskaya

I wish to future students a very good luck in learning IATA course and just want to assure that the IATA courses will help you  a lot in professional development. Fares and Ticketing course - first IATA course. This course is very interesting and  I like it very much  and I learnt a lot of information from it which is helping me in my professional work.  In Fares and Ticketing course it describes the Galileo very  thorough. The course also describe detailed  information about rules of airline’s fares. I wish to future students a very good luck in learning IATA course and just want to assure that the IATA courses will help you  a lot in professional development.

Marija Semenenko

My motivation for the course was professional development and career growth. My experience from the course is improved managerial skills (such as how to map a process, how to coach employees and give appropriate feedback); improved negotiation skills, gain of more in-depth knowledge of special-interest travel production, organization of meetings and conferences as well as incentive travel, marketing mix; learned the basics of BSP Agent Billing Reports and Remittance Procedures; acquaintance with the role of new information technologies in travel industry, reception of many valuable tips that helped me to improve my existing skills.

Joseph Onyango

My dream, to become the best student for the exam session and to make my family and school proud has become true. Being able to find a job and develop my profession has motivated me a lot. The Airline Cabin Crew course has different units and modules that cover in detail the profession and help to understand the aviation industry. One of the important study points is the customer service unit. I have learned a lot during the course and can apply this knowledge during my experience on the job.

Aikaterini Kasampali

As a graduate of the Stanford - IATA Aviation Management Certificate program I can testify the unique online experience of the aviation studies. It is a program that can respond to all future demands that every aviation professional will meet in his/her career.
The course helped me to understand all the steps from the operations to the main purpose of the industry. I feel very lucky that I am now able in my job to spread all this knowledge and create new ideas that they will be valuable in any field of aviation.

Cyrill Mechalikh
New Caledonia

I was fortunate enough to enroll and complete the IATA Aviation Management Certificate, this was a fantastic opportunity to strongly enriched my skills, knowledge and career in the aviation industry.

Many of the modules offered are unique, because there is no equivalent, the unique flexibility to learn at my own pace while acquiring internationally-recognized credentials was invaluable. This program was a great opportunity to better address challenging issue in a meaningful way and better understand how to apply these competencies and skills to my working environment.

Aviation I have worked in it all my life and I just think it is one of the most exiting businesses anyone could work in. Every Aircraft that takes off opens up new possibilities for business for trade, it fulfill people’s dreams of exploration and discovery, bringing peoples together, and I really believe that by doing all this things and by doing so we make the world a better place.

And we do it safely for billions peoples, millions and millions of tons of cargo every year. And aviation has changed our planet into a community. In term of potential, you know we’ve been going one hundred year but in fact we’ve really only just started. As I think you can tell I am passionate about this industry, I am passionate about the good it does and the importance that it has to the world.

I am very thankful to IATA and Stanford Center for Professional Development for giving such a great opportunity to master the art and science of leadership and learning different approaches to key management, skills and competency that are particularly critical to the face of today's and the year’s ahead industry challenges.

Jeremiah Leshao Matayian

Getting to know about the Stanford-IATA Aviation Management Program, lit up my face with excitement, as I knew in my heart this was the opportunity of a life time, to not only enhance my professional qualification in addition to my engineering background, but also a unique chance to learn a unique program through the best learning institution; Stanford University. The course transformed my perspective of the industry.

The practical case study approach utilized and experiences from executives across the globe is instrumental in understanding industry dynamics and applying knowledge learned in handling current and emerging challenges in aviation industry. Stanford-IATA Aviation management program certification helps cultivate an all-round knowledgeable Management professional, certified and registered by a global aviation Body- IATA. This is the distinction from the rest.

I highly recommend it for working professionals across the spectrum in aviation industry. It re-defined my career, it will transform yours too. It’s never too late to get started.

Patricia Zimba

I am really grateful for the IATA Airline Management Diploma initiative. The course was very informative. A lot of the case studies applied to my current work situation. I learnt about a lot of strategies which would enable me cut on costs in my operations. The delivery method was clear, the tutor was fantastic we had great discussions and learnt quite a lot from him.

Tina Hoarau

"The Airline Leading Practices and Cost Reduction Strategies course brought together key management from many African countries, and we had the opportunity to review strategies for growing the business and achieving the goal of sustainable profitability. Through discussions, we were able to look into different opportunities and challenges that our partners are facing as African airlines. It was a great opportunity to see the limitations that we are facing and to try to establish an interrelationship between each other for a better understanding of the airline industry in Africa and in the World."

Benafsha Rabbani

Getting to know about the IATA-Harvard Management Program enthralled me, as it came across as an opportunity to enhance and develop my professional knowledge as well as skills. The course has been an absolute delight. The practical approach utilized along with examples & experiences from senior entrepreneurs ,has given a completely new outlook to the course. The course being partially online is very convenient, as one can complete it as per one's leisure giving him/her time to take up other activities/ work as well.

Anna Karpenko

Acquired knowledge in critical fields of aviation industry and a complete view on an airline multiple operational and business functions, as well related organizations involved. To become good professionals, the students should be very clear in their ambitions and set appropriate goals for themselves. You are in the process of learning many things which would help you tomorrow to make the difference!

Andrea Wächtershäuser

The course was highly valuable for me to increase my knowledge in the area of revenue management and provided me with an opportunity to act more proficiency when talking to Airlines. In addition the setup of the e-Learning course allows to fit the course . It was excellent to start the course with the basic knowledge in the area of revenue management and airline processes and then dive into the details and various examples based on the Airline’s business model. The knowledge check at the end of the chapter helped in addition to stabilize the knowledge and be prepared for the next chapter. During a discussion with a revenue manager from an Airline after the course I was actually able to ‘talk their language’ and get into the topic even quicker. My motivation for the course was triggered from a personal interest in development and skill increase. The idea was to get more insights in the aviation world and understand how Airlines are managing and increasing their revenues through efficient processes within revenue management.

Ambra Roved

The motivation for enrolling on this course was to enhance my professional development. It is a very interested course if you plan to further study airline marketing and become part of this exciting industry. This course allowed me to have a first glance of the airline’s marketing word and of all the main projects involved in promotional campaigns and market analysis.

Efe Inaya Ogonor

If studying with IATA is fun for Long distance, then you could tell how it would be on ground. If you dream of having a professional career in air cargo management them IATA has it world class. The simplicity of their teaching methods is what would intrigue you the most. They make very difficult subject sound like ABC. Having an opportunity to learn from a world class recognized body like IATA it has been a best experience. With your training, I can proudly call myself a cargo manager ready to handle any cargo job situation. I enjoy what I study. I enjoyed the world class coordination from IATA and dream of becoming a partner instructor to train other Nigerian youths and encourage more Africans to try this career pathway.

Jörg C. Roggenbauer

Although I educated myself by reading specialist literature I had to learn that I need certificates as proof of my knowledge in order to get access to real interesting positions within the company. As a consequence I thoroughly investigated various organizations and came to the conclusion that IATA's courses would suit me best. If you are new in the business you will receive very valuable knowledge. Otherwise each course will allow you to get a even more thorough picture.

Matthew LaPorte

To enhance my current tourism studies allowing me to change career paths in anticipation of making me more of a competitive prospect in today’s job market. One area of study I will benefit the most from my course will be airfare structures. Because of its complex nature, even understanding the theory of something as technical as advanced airfare structures will be invaluable in the long run, having the advantage by providing me the knowledge to answer questions where others can’t. To study with IATA means the flexibility to do so with well-rounded courses that are relevant and up to date, all back by the industries it represents. IATA will provide you with the keys to your future aspirations, but make no mistake it will be your ambition and motivation that will ultimately unlock your successes.

Minhal Abdul Latheef

The Consultant course has been thoroughly informative as well as gratifying. It has taken me to new heights and also given the chance to learn and to explore. The opportunity to learn about a field of studies foreign to me. I also wanted to expand my current awareness in the travel sector. I was always fascinated by the airline field and it has been a wonderful experience to do a course from a prestigious institute.

Muriel Nyfeler

I was motivated to do the IATA Foundation & EBT Course because I wanted to enter the travel industry and I taught this was a good way to do so. It seemed like the perfect occasion to learn everything I needed to know to begin in this field. I learned a lot from this course. In fact when I began, I knew almost nothing about the travel industry. I learned about  many important things like the work you have to do as a travel agent, the geography, tariffs, and how the airline industry works. It was very diversified and easy to understand even for someone who never worked in this field. It was interesting and most of it all, it gave me the motivation to work hard and succeed.


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