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Certified Training Professional (CTP)

Training is critical to the success of the aviation industry and you’re one of the best at what you do. Broadcast your expertise to the world and inspire confidence with an internationally recognized CTP designation from IATA. The achievement will be a testament to your commitment to excellence.

Who Should apply ?

  • Professional trainers
  • Aviation instructors
  • Instructors at IATA training partner locations
  • IATA Professional Training Program graduates

Certification Requirements

Your education + experience = a professional designation from IATA!

Here’s what you need:


Relevant Full-Time Experience2

Master or Graduate degree

3 years

Bachelor or Undergraduate degree

4 years

Professional Diploma or certificate

6 years

1. Or global equivalent
2. Teaching experience

Include a reference letter from your current or past employer(s) supporting your training experience, proof of education and complete the online form. It’s that simple!

New to the industry? Don’t worry, you can earn your certification by completing the IATA Professional Training Diploma. Graduates automatically meet the requirements for CTP certification and can apply for their initial CTP designation with special conditions and at a discounted price.

Maintain your Certification

Your IATA professional designation remains valid for a period of two years. To renew your designation, you must demonstrate that you have furthered your professional development over the past 24 months by earning 50 “points” by:

  • Continuing to work in the training industry – 15 points
  • Keeping your skills current by completing two IATA courses related to training – 10 points
  • Participating in the advancement of the field as a trainer or guest speaker – 10 points
  • Attending an industry event – 10 points
  • Purchasing a relevant IATA publication – 10 points
  • Actively participating in IATA webinars and/or workshops – 5 points
  • Being a member of an industry association – 5 points
  • Actively promoting the IATA Professional Designation Program to attract new members– 5 points

Your application for renewal must be accompanied by the following supporting documents (as applicable):

  • Copy of your current IATA CTP Certificate
  • Updated CV and proof of participation in the industry over the past 24 months
  • Copies of your certificates (for new courses)
  • Proof of participation as a trainer or guest speaker
  • Proof of attendance at industry events
  • Proof of participation in IATA webinars and/or workshops
  • Proof of purchase of relevant IATA industry publications
  • Proof of membership in an industry association
  • Proof of promotion of the IATA Professional Designation Program resulting in one new application

Certification Fee
Application Fee (USD) $100.00
Certification Fee (USD) $300.00*
Recertification Fee (USD) $250.00
Certification Duration (Year) 2 year(s)

* Waived for IATA Professional Training Diploma graduates


Additional information

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