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IATA Certification

Stand out in the crowd.

The travel industry is fast paced and dynamic with the highest growth potential. Over 250 million people currently work in various sectors, including 57 million in aviation, and thousands more joining every year. How will you make your mark? IATA certification can provide instant worldwide recognition of your achievements.

IATA’s certification program offers industry professionals a solution to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and expertise to the world. In today’s challenging job market, the right qualifications make all the difference in landing a coveted position. Prestigious designations like IATA’s AvMP, ACP, TTP and CTP help you stand out in the crowd.

Four ways to make your mark:

  • Aviation Management Professional (AvMP): If you have the right combination of education and management experience at airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities and other stakeholders of the aviation industry, you’re already on your way. Find out more
  • Air Cargo Professional (ACP): Are you a cargo agent, freight forwarder, cargo airline or other professional who wants to be noticed? We can help. Find out more
  • Travel and Tourism Professional (TTP):It’s the mark of distinction for travel agents, hotel managers and others working in growing travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Find out more
  • Certified Training Professional (CTP):This designation attracts top marks for experienced instructors delivering professional training courses of all kinds. Find out more

Why choose a certificate program from IATA?

IATA is a well-established and respected aviation organization and authority. IATA has 240 member airlines from 118 countries representing 84 percent of the total world’s air transportation.

IATA offers flexible, high-quality learning solutions recognized worldwide. As the airline industry’s global association, we have an unparalleled track record in training in all important areas of the aviation business. We partner with some of the world’s leading educational institutes to deliver broad levels in learning. With a wide range of course content and geographical and cultural reach, IATA training provides rewarding opportunities for every industry professional.

Gain a competitive edge. Get the industry recognition you deserve. Join the growing number of people earning professional certifications from IATA.

Verify IATA Certification

IATA certified professionals are authentic. Need to validate an IATA certification? . All IATA Certification Program recipients receive a unique certificate number. Simply click here to enter the number and verify the individual’s certification.


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