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Aircraft Turnaround Coordination and Loading Supervision (Classroom, 4 days)

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Lead your ramp team to the consistent servicing and turnaround of multiple aircraft types.

Learn the essential technical procedures for aircraft handling and loading to optimize the use of ground service equipment and manpower. This course also provides steps for building a safety culture and ensuring consistent on-time performance (OTP).

Available as: Classroom & In-Company course
Duration: 4 days (32 hours)
Recommended level: Professional and Management
Prerequisites: Participants should have prior knowledge of airport operations

Next class

Nov 03 - Nov 06, 2015 - Singapore (IATA)

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What you will learn

  • Manage the off-loading/ loading procedures of aircraft
  • Manage the full turnaround of aircraft, coordinating resources and processes
  • Apply best practices to be safe, punctual and commercially successful in turnaround services
  • Understand and apply the safety and punctuality aspects of loading operations
  • Design and offer consistent services according to widely accepted AHM and I-GOM standards
  • Take a leading role in your ramp team 

Course content

  • Airside and ramp safety
    • Airside safety supervision and risk assessment
    • Ramp safety regulations
    • Hazards and human factors
  • Aircraft handling operations
    • Ground service equipment types and operations
    • Aircraft fueling interface
    • Ramp to cockpit communications
    • Emergency and severe weather situations 
  • Aircraft movement
    • Pre- and post-arrival inspections, procedures
    • Pushback and towing operations
    • Marshalling 
    • Aircraft movement messages and delay codes
  • Turnaround plan
    • Pre-flight duties
    • Sequential and critical path activities
    • Disruptions and difficult working conditions
  • Aircraft loading functions
    • Designation of aircraft holds, bays and cabin
    • Loading, unloading, securing, build up, tagging
    • Inspection of aircraft damage
  • Load control functions
    • Aircraft structural loading limitations
    • Standard weights, weight control and load
    • Interpreting the LDM and CPM
    • Calculating deviations on the load sheet
  • High efficiency factors
    • Fulfilling Service Level Agreements
    • Teamwork, communication and culture

Download full outline (pdf)

Who should attend

  • Ground handling managers and supervisors
  • Station supervisors
  • Ramp and turnaround coordinators
  • Loading supervisors and load controllers

Certificate awarded

An IATA Certificate of Completion is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 70% or higher on all exercises and exams. A special distinction is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 90% or higher.

This course is a step toward earning an IATA Diploma in:

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