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Aviation English Language Solution - Assessment

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This comprehensive assessment service lets you easily determine your staff’s ICAO Aviation English proficiency level and the amount of training they needed to achieve level 4 proficiency.

The assessment is designed to evaluate candidates against each of the six language proficiency criteria, so that further training is only administered for the areas where it is needed.

As part of the complete IATA-Berlitz Aviation English Language Solution package, this assessment is free of charge for candidates that follow the IATA-Berlitz  Aviation English training program.

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There are currently no scheduled classes. Check back later for updates or contact us to arrange a class in your company.

What you will learn

Use this assessment service to:

  • Obtain a detailed report on the language proficiency level of your staff members
  • Know what further training is needed to bring all of your staff to Level 4 proficiency or higher
  • Develop your English language training and reassessment plan

How the assessment works

The assessment evaluates all six ICAO English language proficiency criteria:

  • Pronunciation
  • Fluency
  • Structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Interaction

Candidates are evaluated individually by a qualified, native English-speaker – usually over the phone - and scored on a rating scale, starting from Level 1 (pre-elementary) to Level 6 (expert). The lowest score obtained out of the six evaluation criteria is the level assigned to the candidate.

Level 4 (operational) language proficiency is the minimum requirement for pilots and air traffic control officers, and additional training is mandatory for candidates with a Level 3 rating or lower. Candidates with a Level 4, 5 or 6 rating do not require any training.

Once all assessments are complete, you will receive a detailed Summary Report that includes individualized information for each staff member evaluated:

  • Score on each of the six ICAO proficiency levels
  • Overall ICAO proficiency rating
  • Rater's comments pertaining to the assessment
  • Training recommendations when the Level 4 requirement is not met

Who should attend

First-time assessment

An assessment for ICAO Level 4 proficiency is a requirement for all:

  • Airline and helicopter pilots flying internationally
  • Air traffic control officers providing services to international flights
  • Anyone using English in real-time communication on international routes


Pilots and control officers already rated at Level 4 must be reassessed every three years; level 5 pilots and control officers, every six years.

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