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Cold Weather Operations - Airbus - E-Learning - English

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This course covers operations in cold weather conditions for Airbus aircraft including hazards and factors, ground operation considerations, ground deicing and anti-icing procedures and equipment, and airborne issues including aerodynamic effects of icing.

Regulatory requirements are emphasized, including the use of current Hold-Over Tables (HOT) and associated inspections.

What you will learn

  • The hazards associated with cold weather operations and accumulation of contamination on aircraft critical surfaces objectives
  • Aircraft ground operations in cold weather>
  • Airframe ground anti-icing and de-icing procedures
  • In-flight aircraft operations during cold weather

Course format: This is an IATA/CAE eLearning course

Course duration: 105 minutes

Key topics

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Regulatory Compliance

  • ICAO / EASA / FAA / Transport Canada
  • Maintain compliance with IOSA standards

Who should attend

  • Experienced airline Pilots requiring initial or recurrent training

Additional information

Hardware Requirements

  • 1280 x 1024 Minimum Screen Resolution
  • Broadband Internet Connection (512kbps)

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Mac OSX 10.5+ to MS Windows 7/8 or Mac OS
  • Web Browser: IE 9 or later, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed
  • Latest version of Java Runtime Environment installed
  • Latest Adobe PDF Reader installed
  • Enable browser Pop-up Blockers

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