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Hospitality Services Training Solutions

Practical training for a variety of roles in multiple tourism sectors

The travel industry is continually growing and currently employs more than 250 million people in its various sectors. The success of the tourism industry is closely tied to its human component because nearly one billion people travel outside their home country every year.  These travelers need to be taken care of while they travel. Their travel experiences are defined by the level of service they encounter. Service and quality are the number one expectations of travelers worldwide.

Hospitality plays a critical role in the hotel sector, but it also extends into the airline, rail, cruise, tour and other sectors in the business of serving the travel customer face-to-face. Hospitality is the pulse of the tourism industry at large.

These “how to” courses are designed around occupational competencies that will enable you to deliver a level of personal service appreciated by customers. By studying any one of these courses, you will learn how to skillfully execute your professional responsibilities in an exciting industry.

Professional Development

IATA training solutions will provide you with the knowledge and skills to begin or expand a career in travel and hospitality. It is the industry standard in training. Visit the following links to find out more about each course.

The IATA Travel and Tourism Professional             

Find out if you qualify for recognition as a global travel and tourism professional, able to promote your experience and knowledge across boundaries and certify your competencies with employers, colleagues and customers.


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