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ITDI Distance Learning in a Nutshell

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International Aviation Training
Gain a competitive edge with internationally recognized qualifications. More than 230 IATA member airlines are seeking the next generation of industry leaders.


International Travel and Tourism Training
Prove your knowledge to potential employers. IATA's network of 70,000+ travel agents seek out IATA graduates when hiring.


International Cargo Training
Get cargo qualifications highly recognized by airlines, freight forwarders, civil aviation authorities and a network of 10,000 IATA cargo agencies worldwide.

IATA Certification
Recognizing a new generation of global aviation leaders, able to operate across boundaries and lead our industry to future success.
Aviation Management Professional Travel & Tourism Professional Air Cargo Professional

IATA's prestigious academic partnerships
Earn internationally recognized credentials with with one of our scholastic partners:
stanford Stanford - IATA Aviation Management Certificate
Combines business management and aviation training for top-notch industry training that results in your career success. Read more…
harvard IATA - Harvard Leadership & Management Diploma
Combines the Harvard ManageMentor program and IATA courses for a co-branded diploma in aviation, travel and tourism, or cargo that will boost your skills.
Read more…

365 state-of-the-art Authorized Training Centers (ATC) and Accredited Training Schools (ATS) offer these comprehensive programs worldwide.
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