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Required navigation performance, area navigation (RNP-RNAV), eLearning

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This course is designed to meet the training requirements for operating in an RNAV environment.

What you will learn

  • Achieve the training requirements for operating in an RNAV environment
  • Improve knowledge on using RNAV Equipment
  • Describe RNAV approaches using charts and maps

Length: 120 minutes

Key topics

  • Track Spacing
  • Approach and Departure Values
  • BRNAV Values
  • Alerting and Warning

Download course outline (pdf)

Who should attend

  • Pilots
  • Pilot Instructors
  • Anyone interested in receiving ab initio training

Additional information

Further training
Graduates of this course can apply for the Harvard ManageMentor (HMM) distance learning program at a special graduate price.

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