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Serving The Travel Customer (eLearning)

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Knowledge of the travel industry and travel products is important but not enough to secure business sustainability and growth. The customer’s level of satisfaction will influence a purchase or repurchase decision. This objective of this customer service course is to provide essential strategies to ensure that frontline contact with the customer is remarkable.

Travel professionals work in one of the most dynamic industries. Their role is challenged by constant innovation in technology resulting in higher customer service expectations. Travel consumers have access to a vast amount of information online. The Internet offers travelers competitive self-service options to purchase travel. This course teaches what is meant by customer service in the travel industry, highlighting its importance in retaining current business while attracting new business. It will also look at fundamental communication skills essential for positive agent-customer interactions. The course recommends practical ways to stay in touch with travelling customers and how to win customer loyalty.

Handling difficult or upset customers is challenging for anyone working in customer service, and the travel industry is no exception. We will provide a model to practice when confronted with angry customers. Finally, we will discuss the reality of stress in the workplace and suggest coping strategies for travel professionals.

What you will learn

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain why good customer service is important in the travel industry
  • Define customer service as an integral element in the travel professional’s role
  • List effective “do’s and don’ts” when serving customers via different communication channels
  • State the benefits of developing customer loyalty and strategies for building customer loyalty
  • Identify steps and methods for handling upset customers
  • Relate job performance to workplace stress and recommend coping strategies for travel professionals

Key topics

  • Customer Service in the Travel Industry
  • Communicating with Customers
  • Customer Service and Technology
  • Winning Customer Loyalty
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Coping with Work Stress

Who should attend

  • Travel agents
  • Airline reservation or ticket agents
  • Tour operators
  • Call center agents

Additional information

This course is available in e-book format and will be delivered in the form of a downloadable link. The course enrolment period will be for one month. The estimated study time is 20 hours. An online course examination will be administered at a time convenient to the learner and within the one month course enrolment period.  The examination features 50 multiple-choice examination questions and the exam pass grade is 70%. A self-printable course certificate will be awarded to successful exam candidates.

Further training
Graduates of this course can apply for the Harvard ManageMentor (HMM) distance learning program at a special graduate price.

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