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Destination Geography plus Rosetta Stone® TOTALe® PRO language learning

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By studying this course you will gain confidence in your ability to sell destinations, answer common questions asked by travel customers and provide valuable advice that customers are willing to pay for.

The IATA Destination Geography Course is a good prerequisite for this course if your knowledge of general world geography is weak.
A minimum of 20 hours is required to complete this course study.

Key topics

With the Destination Geography Course, you will study the following units:

  • Geography and the Travel Sales Process
  • Destination Geography and the Leisure Traveler
  • The World’s Continents
  • Human Population and the “World Village”
  • Major Natural Geographical Features
  • The Effect of Climate on Travel
  • Major World Tourist Destinations and Attractions

  • - Austria
    - China
    - Croatia
    - France
    - Germany
    - Italy
    - Malaysia
    - Mexico
    - Singapore
    - Spain
    - Thailand
    - Turkey
    - Ukraine
    - United Kingdom
    - United States of America

Key topics in the Rosetta Stone TOTALe PRO Course

  • Level 1: Learn fundamental vocabulary and language structure
  • Level 2: Talk about your environment
  • Level 3: Express ideas, opinions and information through conversation
  • Level 4: Apply advance vocabulary and grammar to negotiate complex situations
  • Level 5: Engage in debates and speak about issues

Rosetta Stone is available in the following languages:

  • Levels 1-3: Arabic, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Vietnamese
  • Levels 1-5: Chinese (Mandarin), English (American), English (British), French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America)

Upon enrolment, ITDI will ask you to identify the language of your choice via email.

Certificate awarded

Rosetta Stone and IATA will provide an IATA certificate to learners after the successful completion of the course. Your success will be measured through review tests and activities completed at the end of each level.

You may take the online course examination at any time during your course enrolment period. Upon passing the online examination you will receive your course certificate in electronic format for local printing.

What you will learn

In the Destination Geography Course you will learn:

  • A description of 12 basic types of leisure travelers
  • Characteristics of human populations on all continents including a model of the “World Village”
  • The world’s major mountains, oceans, seas, rivers and other bodies of water that attract visitors
  • Distinguishing between the terms “weather” and “climate” and their impact on destinations
  • How climate is affected by latitude, altitude, winds and proximity to water
  • A review of the 15 top countries visited by international travelers, highlighting practical country information and niche attractions and activities in a downloadable workbook

Through the Rosetta Stone TOTALe PRO online course, you will learn one of 23 new languages through five levels of interactive and engaging learning. You will practice the skills of:

  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening

Who should attend

  • Leisure and corporate travel agents
  • Tour operators and guides
  • Event and meeting planners
  • Corporate travel managers

Additional information

About the IATA course: This course is delivered online. Upon enrolling, you will receive a link to the course site and a username and access password. You will have three months to complete the course study and course access is unlimited during your enrolment period.

You will be able to download the closed caption course content should you prefer to review or study any portion of the course in printed format.

About the Rosetta Stone course: Rosetta Stone® TOTALe® PRO is a complete language learning course. You will learn to speak, listen, read, and write a new language.

This course is studied online. Enjoy 40–50 hours of language study per level. The course access period is for 12-months from your start date, and you will have access to all levels of a chosen language.

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