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Weather Theory (eLearning)

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These lessons introduce the fundamentals of weather theory, highlight risks that weather can pose and introduce the information products that can be used to properly plan for weather.

What you will learn

  • Improves knowledge for good decision making regarding weather conditions
  • Understand the fundamentals of weather theory
  • Understand how to interpret and use weather reports (METAR's)

Key topics

  • Properties of the atmosphere and air temperature, atmospheric moisture and condensation
  • Stability, cloud development and precipitation
  • The atmosphere in motion, air masses and fronts, thunderstorms, low-level windshear and microbursts
  • Surface observation reports, upper-air observation reports

Who should attend

  • Pilots
  • Pilot Instructors
  • Anyone interested in receiving ab initio training

Additional information

Length: 350 minutes

Further training
Graduates of this course can apply for the Harvard ManageMentor (HMM) distance learning program at a special graduate price.

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