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IATA Authorized Training Center (ATC) PLUS Training Partnership

The IATA Authorized Training Center (ATC) PLUS is a new training partnership model based on a qualified course content which can be internationally endorsed by IATA.

Who can apply

Core mandatory requirements:

  1. Possess an industry relevant and recognized training course (s) currently not offered under the listing here
  2. Possess a similar training course to what IATA offers with the added local customization
  3. Quality of content must be based on an educational methodology and industry subject matter expertise
  4. Instructor qualifications also required when applicable
  5. Legal registration of the organization in its home country

Other supporting qualifications:

  1. Being an existing IATA training partner (ATC, ATS, RTP) with good standing
  2. Own a training course content with a proven existing market base

How to apply

Please contact the Training Partnership Team for the application process and concrete steps.


Additional information

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