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Airline Management Diploma

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Master airline management and emerge with the skills to anticipate, respond, and adapt to the demands and challenges of a changing industry.

What will you learn

  • Understand the key factors that influence airline success
  • Successfully craft a case for change and present ideas designed to influence decision makers
  • Prepare a business plan and test various strategies for implementation

Who should attend

  • Entry- to mid-level managers
  • Managers new to the aviation industry
  • Managers in related industries seeking insight to the aviation industry
  • Aviation professionals entering a management role

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Student Testimonial:

“I am really grateful for the IATA Airline Management Diploma initiative. The course was very informative. A lot of the case studies applied to my current work situation. I learnt about a lot of strategies which would enable me cut on costs in my operations. The delivery method was clear, the tutor was fantastic we had great discussions and learnt quite a lot from him.”

Patricia Zimba – Fast Jet

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