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Junior Airline Management Diploma

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Are you a recent university graduate or almost finished with your undergraduate degree, but you are not really clear about what career path to choose? Do you have a fascination for the aviation industry and would like to learn more about it, to perhaps explore the possibility of working in aviation? Then this Diploma can definitely help you.

The world of aviation is a complex system of synchronized activities that need to be accomplished every time a plane takes off. It is the integration of the many different operation sectors within the civil aviation industry that makes airline management both challenging and fascinating.

The IATA Junior Airline Management Diploma is intended to introduce undergraduate university students to the key areas of airline management. In addition, participants will implement their acquired knowledge through a case study in which they will build a business plan and provide solutions to a fictitious airline.

IATA training is recognized as the standard for the aviation industry, so sign up today for this newly-created IATA Junior Airline Management Diploma program and receive a Harvard-IATA Leadership and Management Diploma in Aviation, as well as become a certified Aviation Professional in Airline Management.

Diploma structure

Diploma kick-off workshop: June 2014.
Participants will be introduced to the Instructor of the program, set up goals for completing their distance-learning (DL) courses and learn about the requirements for commencing classroom courses, as well as visit the offices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Two distance-learning courses

1. Airline Marketing (with Harvard Manage Mentor)
Deadline for completion: September 30, 2014

Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

  • Interpret and understand your customers' needs
  • Segment your targeted markets
  • Exceed your customers' expectations with product innovation, product quality and efficient distribution
  • Develop creative and cost-effective marketing strategies

2. Airline Revenue Management
Deadline for completion: December 31, 2014

Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

  • Apply pricing strategies
  • Use strategies to generate revenue through correct application of optimal seat allocation
  • Make correct decisions in order to optimize revenue on a given flight
  • Build a successful airline revenue management organization
  • Understand why low-cost airlines require a revenue management system
  • Build or refresh management and leadership skills
  • Respond to management challenges effectively

Two classroom courses:

1. Airline Business Foundation
January 2015 (exact dates to be announced)

Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

  • Methodically analyze the airline market
  • Understand how to achieve maximum profitability
  • Improve your knowledge of the airline industry’s commercial foundation
  • Familiarize yourself with key issues, including demand and supply, and revenue and cost trends
  • Examine how the aviation industry is working towards a carbon free future by studying current debates and possible solutions for the environmental impact
  • Learn how successful airline executives develop broad strategic plans and look at real-life examples of successful airlines
  • Understand how leaders are developed and the tools they use to measure and improve performance

2. Airline Business Management - Air Mercury
February 2015 (exact dates to be announced)

Work in teams to explore the interrelated factors affecting airline profitability. Using the latest simulation technology, test your skills while competing for market share at a virtual airline. See the impact of your chosen business strategies in performance reports generated at the end of each day. Scenarios are processed through the software to simulate the actual effect, taking the actions of competing teams into consideration

Lectures and exercises will also cover presentation skills and techniques on influencing people and defending a business case.


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