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Stanford-IATA Aviation Management Certificate

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Last chance to enrol!

Applications for this program will no longer be accepted after June 30, 2016.

Gain insight into aviation trends and key project management practices with this flexible distance learning program.

Improve your understanding of the air transport system, learn the fundamentals of airport operations, and discover how airlines use pricing strategies and revenue management to maximize profitability. Master correct project selection, prioritization and oversight to resolve real-world implementation concerns, and learn how to align your organization’s project and program initiatives with its strategic objectives.


It is strongly recommended that you take the courses in this order.

Who should attend

  • Project managers
  • Finance and revenue managers
  • Airline and airport senior managers and executives

Final examination and certificate

To earn the program certificate you must successfully complete all six courses within one year. Each of the six courses is followed by a mandatory online examination. A minimum of 85% is required to pass each course.

You will receive the Stanford – IATA Aviation Management Certificate and a Certified Aviation Management Professional (AvMP) designation upon successful completion of all six required courses.

Your AvMP credential will be valid for three years during which you can use it to demonstrate you have the experience, education and competency to take on a leadership role in the industry. You may may apply to renew your certication by enroling in one (1) Stanford course and one (1) IATA course from the  following:

Eligible Stanford courses

Eligible IATA courses

Additional information

Each course is available for 60 days after the date of enrollment. Each IATA eBook contains approximately 40 hours of content. Stanford course materials are available for download through the Stanford website.

Professional Development Units (PDUs) may be earned for each of the three Stanford courses to maintain certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Student Testimonials

Aikaterini Kasampali

As a graduate of the Stanford - IATA Aviation Management Certificate program I can testify the unique online experience of the aviation studies. It is a program that can respond to all future demands that every aviation professional will meet in his/her career.
The course helped me to understand all the steps from the operations to the main purpose of the industry. I feel very lucky that I am now able in my job to spread all this knowledge and create new ideas that they will be valuable in any field of aviation.

Cyrill Mechalikh

I was fortunate enough to enroll and complete the IATA Aviation Management Certificate, this was a fantastic opportunity to strongly enriched my skills, knowledge and career in the aviation industry.

Many of the modules offered are unique, because there is no equivalent, the unique flexibility to learn at my own pace while acquiring internationally-recognized credentials was invaluable. This program was a great opportunity to better address challenging issue in a meaningful way and better understand how to apply these competencies and skills to my working environment.

Aviation I have worked in it all my life and I just think it is one of the most exiting businesses anyone could work in. Every Aircraft that takes off opens up new possibilities for business for trade, it fulfill people’s dreams of exploration and discovery, bringing peoples together, and I really believe that by doing all this things and by doing so we make the world a better place.

And we do it safely for billions peoples, millions and millions of tons of cargo every year. And aviation has changed our planet into a community. In term of potential, you know we’ve been going one hundred year but in fact we’ve really only just started. As I think you can tell I am passionate about this industry, I am passionate about the good it does and the importance that it has to the world.

I am very thankful to IATA and Stanford Center for Professional Development for giving such a great opportunity to master the art and science of leadership and learning different approaches to key management, skills and competency that are particularly critical to the face of today's and the year’s ahead industry challenges.

Jeremiah Leshao

Getting to know about the Stanford-IATA Aviation Management Program, lit up my face with excitement, as I knew in my heart this was the opportunity of a life time, to not only enhance my professional qualification in addition to my engineering background, but also a unique chance to learn a unique program through the best learning institution; Stanford University. The course transformed my perspective of the industry

The practical case study approach utilized and experiences from executives across the globe is instrumental in understanding industry dynamics and applying knowledge learned in handling current and emerging challenges in aviation industry. Stanford-IATA Aviation management program certification helps cultivate an all-round knowledgeable Management professional, certified and registered by a global aviation Body- IATA. This is the distinction from the rest.

I highly recommend it for working professionals across the spectrum in aviation industry. It re-defined my career, it will transform yours too. It’s never too late to get started.

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