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IATA Authorized Training Centers (ATC)

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IATA Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) are independent training facilities that are authorized to teach the following IATA Training Programs:


Becoming an ATC

Authorization is granted based on demonstrated instructional expertise as well as the institution’s overall ability to provide quality training. ATCs recruit and train students, while examinations are organized and supervised by the IATA coordinator located in your country or region.


Benefits of Aviation
The aviation industry is a great place to work! This collection of videos will help you show your students the value of a career in aviation. 

Authorized Training Center Information

    Our ATC network

    Our network of ATCs include:

    Aircargo Training Center of Japan (ATJ)​

    Alhind Academy
      India International Trade Centre (IITC)
      Japan Aircargo Forwarders Association (JAFA)​
    Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation ​​
      Speedwings Academy for Aviation Services

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