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Airline Operations, Quality and Audit Training Courses

Airline operations and quality courses

Our operations, quality and audit training delivers the skills and information you need to stay on top of international regulatory requirements. 

This growing collection of courses covers the most recent trends for ensuring top-quality operations and is taught by experienced industry practitioners. 

Using an engaging, interactive approach to learning, our courses combine lectures, technology, and hands-on exercises to quickly transfer the tools you need.

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Advanced Crew Resource Management / Threat Error Management - Initial (eLearning)
Air Traffic Flow Control Management for Aircraft Operators (NMO-ATFCM-AO-C) - with the EUROCONTROL Institute of ANS - Classroom - English
Aircraft Maintenance Cost Management (Classroom, 4 days) - Classroom - English
Airline Cabin Crew Training
Airline Cabin Crew Training for the Leadership & Management Training Program
Airline Customer Service
Airline Security Operations Optimization (Classroom, 5 days) - Classroom - English
Airlines Flight Operations and Optimization - ENAC (Classroom, 5 days) - Classroom - English
Airport Slots and Coordination (Classroom, 3 days) - Classroom - English
Airports and Runways, eLearning - E-Learning - English
Aviation Fuel Management - Technical Short Course (Classroom, 2 days) - Classroom - English
Aviation Internal Auditor (Classroom, 5 days) - Classroom - English
Aviation Security Management - University of Geneva (Classroom, 3 days) - Classroom - English
Basic Aerodynamics (eLearning)
Biojet Fuel Workshop (Classroom, 2 days) - Classroom - English
Charts, Maps and Airspace (eLearning)
Control Intuitivo de los Pasajeros (presencial, 4 días) - Classroom - Español
Digital Principles - Advanced (eLearning)
Digital Principles - Basic & Advanced Package (eLearning)
Digital Principles - Basic (eLearning)
Earth Orientation (eLearning)
Effective Employee Background Vetting (Classroom, 3 days) - Classroom - English
Efficacité de la Gestion et de la Conservation du Carburant (en salle de cours, 3 jours) - Classroom - Français
Extended Twin Engine Operations (ETOPS), eLearning
Flight Operations Management (Classroom, 5 days) - Classroom - English
Flight Principles and Atmospheric Environment - ENAC (Classroom, 5 days) - Classroom - English
Fuel Efficiency and Conservation (Classroom, 3 days) - Classroom - English
In-flight Security (Classroom, 5 days) - Classroom - English
ISAGO for Auditors (Classroom, 5 days) - Classroom - English
IT Tools for Airlines - ENAC (Classroom, 5 days) - Classroom - English
Jet Fuel Price Risk Management (Classroom, 2 days) - Classroom - English
Maintenance Diagnostic Systems (eLearning)
Predictive Passenger Screening (Classroom, 4 days) - Classroom - English
Pre-Flight Planning (eLearning)
Quality Management (QMS) for Airlines (Classroom, 4 days) - Classroom - English
Quality Management System (QMS) Implementation (Classroom, 3 days) - Classroom - English
Required Navigation Performance - Precision Area Navigation (RNP-PRNAV), eLearning
Required Navigation Performance (RNP), eLearning
Required navigation performance, area navigation (RNP-RNAV), eLearning
RVSM - Maintenance (eLearning)
Slots Aeroportuarios y Coordinación de Frecuencias (presencial, 3 días) - Classroom - Español
Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (SMGCS), eLearning
Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II), eLearning
VFR Navigational Plotting & Dead Reckoning (eLearning)
Weather Theory (eLearning)


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