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IATA e-services (EMD Implementation)


The IATA e-services project aims to facilitate sales and collection of ancillary services through all distribution channels.

Using IATA's electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) standard will also help take the remaining paper out of the airline ticketing processes.

Key benefits


  • Easier access: both airlines and travel agents can sell these services quickly and easily, including sales through online and mobile channels
  • More services: by creating a paperless environment, the project enables a whole range of services across the industry - from fast track security to on-board wifi access to limo transfers
  • Customer satisfaction: offer ancillary services across journeys, even those that involve multiple airlines, making life simpler for passengers travelling on alliance or interline partners

IATA Board target

  1. Successful adoption of the EMD standard in IATA BSP
  2. Completion of EMD implementation in BSP partially achieved with virtual Miscellaneous Charge Order (vMCO) sunset by end 2013
  3. Remaining virtual Multipurpose Document  (vMPD) documents will be gradually phased-out in 2014

Industry communication - 05 November 2013 (pdf)

Project update


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