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FACE UP! Air cargo career competition 2018

We are seeking young and energetic university graduates with a thesis topic focused on air cargo or logistics/supply chain. Take part in the air cargo career competition that will take place every 2 years.

Make air cargo YOUR career choice!

  • Do you want to win a trip to Dallas to meet +1200 top-level air cargo professionals? 
  • Have you recently graduated or are you about to finalize your thesis?
  • Are you looking for an opportunity to boost your career and show industry leaders you’ve got what it takes?
  • Does your thesis focus on air cargo or logistics/supply chain? 
    • If you answer YES to these questions, submit your thesis now for a chance to WIN an opportunity of a lifetime!

We are looking for innovative theses (concepts, prototypes, processes, research, newly developed products, etc.) that address air cargo, supply chain or transport logistics with a focus on the following topic areas: 

Industry Innovation and Transformation
For example:
- Future technologies
- Digitalization

Enriching Customer Experience 
For example:
-Online services & increased visibility / transparency
-Service customization, dynamic pricing

Improving Operations

For example:
- Process optimization 
- Enhancing supply chain collaboration

Workforce of the Future

For example:
- Impact of the fourth industrial evolution on human workforce
- Core skillsets of the future, symbiosis workforce and technology

The future is now, the future is YOU! 

Apply now!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Competition closes: 31st January 2018


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