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Cargo Governance

For the industry, with the industry

IATA is working with its member airlines and representatives from the whole air freight supply chain on common standards and industry initiatives. To that end, IATA drives different work groups and committees.

On each page, you will find the purpose of that group, along with a link to a private site when applicable.

Strategy & Policy

  • Cargo Committee (CC)
  • IATA/FIATA Consultative Council (IFCC)
  • Global Air Cargo Advisory Group (GACAG) 
  • Cargo Procedures Conferences Management Group (CPCMG)
  • Cargo Services Conference (CSC)
  • Cargo Agency Conference (CAC)
  • Tariff Conference (CTC)
  • CASS Policy Group (CPG)


    Operations & Handling

  • Cargo Business Processes Panel (CBPP)
  • Cargo Operations Advisory Group (COAG)
  • IATA Safety Audit Ground Operations (ISAGO) Task Forces
  • Dangerous Goods Board (DGB)
  • Dangerous Goods Accredited Training School Network (ATS)
  • Dangerous Goods Training Task Force (DGTTF)
  • Live Animals and Perishables Board (LAPB)
  • Time and Temperature Task Force (TTTF)
  • ULD Panel (ULDP)
  • ULD Operational Advisory Group (ULDOAG)
  • ULD Technical Advisory Group (ULDTAG)
  • Airmail Panel (AMP)

     Security, Customs & Trade Facilitation

  • Cargo Security Task Force (CSTF)
  • GACAG Security Task Force
  • e-Consignment Security Declaration Advisory Group (eCSDAG)
  • Customs Advisory Group (CUSAG) 
  • IATA/FIATA Customs Working Group (IFCWG) 
  • GACAG Customs & Trade Faciliation Task Force


  • Cargo Data Interchange Task Force (CDITF)
  • Cargo XML Task Force (CXMLTF) 
  • e-AWB Advisory Group (EAWBAG)
  • e-freight Central Action Group (e-CAG)
  • e-Cargo Vendor Action Group (VAG)
  • GACAG e-Commerce Task Force

    Cargo 2000

  • Cargo 2000 (C2K)

    Additional information

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