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Dangerous Goods Documentation

New: Significant changes to the 57th Edition

Users of the Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) are invited to review the Significant Changes to the 57th Edition​ (pdf), that will become effective 1 January 2016, and to check the video overview: ​​​​​​


Documents complementing the 57th Edition


The Addendum to the 57th Edition of the DGR contains significant changes to the provisions for lithium ion batteries (UN 3480) shipped under PI 965 and to Section II of PI 968 for lithium metal batteries (UN 3090). These changes take effect as of 1 April 2016. The addendum also contains other changes and corrections to the DGR, these are effective immediately. The addendum also contains new and modified State and operator variations. The eDGR auto-update will also be available shortly.
Addendum I

English (19 Jan 2016) (pdf)
Spanish (22 Jan 2016) (pdf)
Russian (25 Jan 2016) (pdf)
German (26 Jan 2016) (pdf)
French (27 Jan 2016) (pdf)


Checklists for the 57th Edition

Batteries, nickel metal hydride (UN 3496)

Download the explanation and guidance on the transport of nickel metal hydride batteries (pdf) by air.

Infectious substances

Infectious substances are materials that contain pathogens. These micro-organisms (including bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi) and other agents can cause disease in humans or animals.

Environmentally hazardous substances

Certain materials can be a threat to the nature and adversely affect people's health. To classify them, the IATA DGR refers to the criteria for environmentally hazardous substances of the UN Model Regulations (pdf).

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