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Message Improvement Program (MIP)

Improving EDI data quality

A critical foundation for e-Cargo is the need to improve industry wide EDI data quality in order to reduce paper work.

To this end, IATA launched the Message Improvement Program for airlines and freight forwarders to:

  • Ensure electronic messages that replace paper documentation are 100% complete and accurate for all shipments
  • Give stakeholders confidence in the quality of the data in those messages

MIP scope

The current focus of MIP is on the FWB (Air Waybill) and FHL (House Manifest) messages. MIP measures the following:

  • Messages rejected by CCS
  • Messages rejected by airline
  • Business data invalid after syntax checks passed
  • Duplicate messages

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Increased quality and penetration of EDI messages will result in reduced data entry and reduced costs for freight forwarders, airlines and ground handlers.

Sign up now for MIP, it is free! Contact mip@iata.org.

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