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Message Improvement Program

Towards 100% data quality

The Message Improvement Program (MIP) is an opt-in, free-of-charge program, currently open to airlines and freight forwarders only. This program started in 2007 as part of e-freight initiative to track the performance of EDI messaging between freight forwarders and airlines. 

Today, there are over 70 participants, of which some of the leading airlines and forwarders worldwide. MIP processes about 2 million records of data every month from airlines only, producing over 1000 different confidential reports for its participants, as well as a industry reports of which the monthly e-freight and e-AWB reports.


The current scope is to measure the performance of the electronic message equivalents to the Air Waybills and House Waybills (respectively the FWB and FHL for Cargo-IMP, and XFWB and XFHL/XFZB for Cargo-XML), where the following are being measured:

  1. Message penetration
  2. Message rejections
  3. Message duplications
  4. Syntax errors
  5. Business data quality/errors on every single field of data (200+)
  6. Process errors

MIP 2.0

To support the broader adoption of e-cargo and IATA’s new ONE Record initiative, IATA is working on an extended version of MIP that will:

  • Open up to ground handlers, Cargo Community Systems (CCS), solutions providers and other stakeholders.
  • Cover additional critical electronic message like status, error and feedback messages.
  • Collect more details on shipment data to further increase MIP’s value.
  • Collect shipment data from all participants, allowing data congruence analysis and troubleshooting between peers.
  • Provide new, revamped reports and intelligence focusing on today’s and tomorrow’s critical metrics.
  • Allow self-service reporting.

How to join? 

To join MIP, write to mip@iata.org with your company name and contact details.

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