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To render air cargo more modern and in line with freight tonnage growth, IATA is supporting the industry’s need to standardize access and interaction to and between all Cargo Community Systems (CCS) and provide a transparent network for air cargo connectivity. Such standards would allow for easier access to and switching between service providers to meet business imperatives. It would also facilitate new entrants and support the emergence of new cargo communities to support new markets and growth.

This is an open conversation and IATA welcomes all CCS’ to join this initiative!​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Compatible and coherent systems for all parties

In the past several decades Cargo Community Systems CCS’ have emerged to provide complete connectivity between air cargo transport participants such as airlines, and forwarders etc. Currently these CCS’ interact with these customers as well as with other CCS’ in a bilateral basis. There is much to be gained by all parties if the connectivity with and between the CCS’ was compatible and coherent.



This project is developed together with the CCS’ and aims to:

  1. Develop standards for access to the CCS’ to allow all airfright participants to connect with ease and use the same process regardless of the provider
  2. Develop standards for interaction between the CCS’ to allow the network to facilitate network growth
  3. Develop identification database based on PIMA addresses for forwarders and other airfreight participants



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