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e-AWB Country Information

Where can e-AWB be used?

The e-AWB can be used on routes where the country of origin and the country of destination have ratified the same treaty: Montreal Convention (MC99) or Montreal Protocol (MP4). Check the ICAO website to get the list of latest information: 

Local specificities

The information in this section is maintained by IATA using data reported by the industry. In case the information listed is not aligned with your own experience, please report it to IATA Cargo

e-AWB acceptance by Customs

Even if when the MP4 or MC99 convention is applicable, it may happen that local authorities (e.g. customs) request access to AWB information at origin, destination and/or transit. AWB information can be requested either electronically or on paper.

IATA is maintaining an excel file which documents the requirements of each country regarding the need to access to AWB data and how the requested format:

e-AWB Acceptance By Customs (.xls, updated August 2015) - Read disclaimer before use


The Australian Federation of International Forwarders Ltd (AFIF) expressed their support for the new IATA Multilateral e-AWB Agreement. See the AFIF notice


Bahrain’s national carrier, Gulf Air, launched e-AWB with support from Bahrain Civil Aviation Authority, Bahrain Airport Company, Bahrain Airport Services and freight forwarders. View the press release (15 October 2012): Gulf Air launches e-AWB (pdf).


The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) supports the long-term objectives of providing value to all air cargo supply chain stakeholders through e-commerce initiatives such as e-AWB. CIFFA represents some 245 Regular Member firms from the largest of global multi-national freight forwarding firms to small and medium sized Canadian companies. View the position paper (26 July 2012): CIFFA Position Paper on e-AWB (pdf).


Chilean Customs participates in e-AWB Workshop


e-AWB Workshop held in Bogotá, Colombia on 26 November 2012


Lufthansa Cargo goes paperless - new e-freight video!

Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific Airways announced the rollout of 100% e-AWB in Hong Kong – an important step in the move towards creating a paperless environment in the airfreight industry. View the announcement (4 January 2011): Cathay Pacific rolls out electronic air waybills in Hong Kong.


The Israeli Federation of Forwarders and Customs Clearing Agents (IFFCCA) supports the implementation of e-AWB and encourages its members to contact airlines in order to switch from paper to e-AWB as soon as feasible. View the IFFCCA supporting letters for e-AWB (pdf) sent on 17 July 2012.


The Operational procedures for e-AWB in Italy are outlined here (pdf), based on the experience from industry stakeholders.

The Italian Federation of Freight Forwarders extended their support for the adoption of e-AWB. View the ANAMA Supporting letter for e-AWB (pdf) sent on 17 July 2012.


Cathay Pacific Airways introduced e-AWB in Malaysia as part of its ongoing efforts to promote a greener and more efficient airfreight industry. View the announcement (2 April 2012): Cathay Pacific rolls out e-AWB in Malaysia.


e-AWB Workshop held in Lima, Peru on 29 November 2012


Qatar Airways Cargo is getting ready for e-AWB 


Cathay Pacific Airways introduced e-AWB in Singapore as part of its ongoing efforts to promote a greener and more efficient airfreight industry. View the announcement (2 April 2012): Cathay Pacific rolls out e-AWB in Singapore.

United Arab Emirates/Dubai

Dubai Customs issued a notice announcing the acceptance of e-AWB in/out of DXB and DWC airports (pdf) (2 February 2014).

Emirates SkyCargo, a leading player in the industry move towards e-freight, has added further momentum to the drive by announcing that e-AWBs are now being used for 100% of shipments from its Dubai hub. View the press release (31 October 2011): Emirates SkyCargo hits 100% e-AWB from Dubai hub.

United Arab Emirates/Sharjah

Sharjah Customs issued a notice announcing the acceptance of e-AWB in/out of SHJ airport (PDF)

United Arab Emirates/ Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi issued a notice documenting the acceptance of e-AWB in/out of AUH airport (PDF English/ PDF Arabic)

United Kingdom

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) welcomed the news that IATA and FIATA have approved the standard for the multilateral e-AWB agreement, making numerous bilateral agreements between airlines and freight forwarders unnecessary. BIFA welcome approval of multilateral e-AWB agreement

United States

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has approved the use of e-AWB for air cargo shipments to and from the US. e-AWB will be accepted for shipments at more than 120 US CBP facilities across the US and Puerto Rico for import and export. Air waybill information could still be requested by exception, and could be accessible online or produced on demand in paper format from electronic records. View the press release (6 November 2012): US CBP approves use of e-AWB.




Additional information

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