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eAWBLink - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How can I register to eAWBLink?
A: Go to and click Sign Up

Q. How can I get my username and password?
A: Upon registration, IATA will send your username and first-time login password by e-mail. You must change your password at first login.

Q. Where do I login?
Go to

Q. I changed my password but I cannot remember my new password. Help!
A: Go to and click Forgot password

Q. How can I create a new AWB?
A: Click Create AWB from menu to start. See Quick Reference Guide for details.

Q. How can I send my AWB to Airline?
A: After creating AWB, click Submit to send to Airline

Q. Can I give access to more users in my company?
A: Yes, there can be total of 3 users. 

Q. Can I delete an AWB?
A: Yes. See Quick Reference Guide for details 

Q. Can I edit Shipper/Consignee details?
A: Yes. See Quick Reference Guide

Q. I entered name of Shipper, but the Shipper address is not displayed.
A: After entering Shipper name, click the Search button (magnifying glass). A window opens and you will see details of Shipper. Doublce-click to display the Shipper address in the AWB screen.    

Q. Can I change the Issuing Carrier's Name and Address?
A: Yes, click on the plus (+) sign and then add the Carrier name and address

Q. Can I see how the data I entered looks on an AWB?
A: Yes, click Preview (located bottom left on screen)


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