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Freight Forwarders

How to join?

You can join in four easy-steps as follows:

1. Review the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement (pdf)

2. Complete and submit the Online Joining Form (appx.10-15 minutes)

3. Receive your Agrement by e-mail from IATA Cargo 

4. e-sign the Agreement 

Joining the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement is FREE of charge. The new paperless process using e-signatures removes the need for parties to print, sign and mail paper documents.

More information:


Next steps: IATA will counter-sign the Agreement and you will receive the final signed PDF by e-mail.  Your company will be listed as party to the IATA Multilateral e-AWB Agreement and you will receive a joining confirmation message from IATA advising the effective date and next steps.

Paper-based process: If you wish to use print and sign the Agreement on paper using traditional wet-ink signature and mail the documents, please download the Forms and instructions.


What are the next steps?

    • Check which of your airline partners have joined the agreement and select your partners to roll out e-AWB
    • Engage with your airline partners to discuss where and when to start e-AWB
    • Validate your messaging and operational capability with your airline business partners
    • Receive the Activation Notice (doc) from your Airline partners
    • Start doing e-AWB at the activated locations (e-AWB implementation toolkit)
    • Roll out e-AWB at further locations by repeating the steps above 


  • You should start doing e-AWB at a location only after receiving the Activation Notice from the airline for that location.
  • The multilateral e-AWB agreement comes into force between an airline and a freight forwarder at a location only upon airline sending an Activation Notice to freight forwarder (pursuant to Resolution 672, Attachment A, Article 3.1).

See FAQ on the Activation Notice


How to update your information?

You can update your company's Affiliates and/or Designated Contact information at any time.

1. Download and complete the appropriate Form:

2. E-mail the completed Form to IATA Cargo at

3. Receive the Form from IATA Cargo for e-signature

4. e-sign the Form

Next steps:

The e-signed Form will be sent to IATA Cargo and you will receive a copy. The information will be processed and registered under the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement.


Additional information

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