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e-AWB Buzz: September Edition

Global penetration - August 2014

19.4% globally - e-AWB thunders down the runway!

2014 is turning out to be a pretty good year for air cargo growth, and that’s true for e-AWB as well!

Since the beginning of 2014, the adoption of e-AWB has been steadily on the rise, with more industry participants taking it on and adopting it. Even more remarkable has been the progress in the recent months. August 2014was the single fastest e-AWB growth in one month, with +2% achieved globally in that month alone. Adoption speed is now four times that of the same period last year, and this acceleration is felt across the board, with strong recent growth in Africa, Americas, Europe and North Asia.

  • Crossing the 20% mark: 20 airlines have now achieved over 20% e-AWB penetration. Only 7 airlines were in that situation at the beginning of 2014
  • Airports are showing the way: in airports such as Hong-Kong, Singapore, Doha, Addis-Ababa and Dubai, e-AWB penetration (all airlines combined) now exceeds the 50% mark! And many other airports show penetrations in the 30s and 40s
  • And the airline Award goes to: Top 10 airlines contributing to the recent sharp rise include South Africa Airlines, Saudi Arabia Airlines, EgyptAir, Sri Lankan, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, China Airlines, Air France, Air Canada, IAG

Contributing to this acceleration are joint industry initiatives launched in the Nordics, India, USA, Germany and others. More than ever, industry collaboration is a key component of success. And with more than 77 airlines and 1300 freight forwarders signing up, the multilateral e-AWB agreement has also been a significant catalyst making it easy for forwarders large and small to implement e-AWB with all their airline partners.

This new growth puts the industry firmly on track to achieve its 22% penetration target for 2014. This would truly be a momentous achievement, proving our collective commitment to achieving our goals and to modernize air cargo. Let’s keep the momentum going!



 +2% month over month

Top 3 airlines by e-AWB volumes

1. Cathay Pacific Group (CXG)
2. Emirates (EK)
3. SIA Cargo (SQ)

 Highest e-AWB Growth


% e-AWB Penetration

% Growth

South Africa



South African Airways
United Airlines
Air France



Freight Forwarders
Best Global Logistics
SDV Group



Single Process is Key! 

You might wonder how some airlines have managed to achieve momentous e-AWB growth in just a few months. The answer is in two words: Single Process! Indeed, the fastest growing airlines are those who have implemented the so called ‘Single Process’ procedure as part of the e-AWB projects.

Single Process: What is it?
Under the Single Process approach, freight forwarders transmit shipment data electronically to their airline partners for 100% of their shipments, regardless of destination, and tender cargo to the airline without a paper AWB. If a paper AWB is required (due to regulatory, network or other constraints), the airline will produce the paper AWB, on behalf of the freight forwarder, based on the electronic data exchanged.

Implementing the Single Process brings 2 very critical benefits:
1. Removes complexity for freight forwarders of having to maintain parallel processes, for electronic and paper
2. Enables airlines to implement a digital process for all destinations, even if for some of those, paper may still need to be printed because of local process or regulatory requirements

These two benefits combined make the Single Process the answer to e-AWB complexity management. Airlines who have implemented the Single Process have witnessed significant growth in their e-AWB adoption along with enhanced customer satisfaction.

Typically, airlines start at their hub, and then expanded to other locations, in partnership with their handling agents. “We recognize Single Process as convenience. The addition of Single Process facility in Doha was an add-on feature which attracted, encouraged and gave a boost to our customers to come onboard with QR for e-AWB implementation,” notes Ajay Manoharan of Qatar Airways.

Jump on the bandwagon!
If you have not implemented or considered it yet, jump on the Single Process bandwagon! IATA teams stand ready to help if you need assistance! Guidelines for implementing e-AWB Single Process (pdf)

View other regions driving e-AWB (pdf)

The Multilateral e-AWB agreement update

Multilateral e-AWB Agreement Logo

Multilateral e-AWB monthly bulletin - August 2014 Edition

See the latest list of parties to the agreement  

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