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IT solution providers, key supporters of e-Cargo

Moving to e-Cargo requires changes in the technologies used by the air freight stakeholders.

IATA is willing to facilitate understanding of key IT requirements necessary to support e-Cargo projects, as well as the solutions and services available. To that end, we developed:

  • Strategic partnerships with IT solution providers that form the e-Cargo Vendor Action Group
  • The Capability Matrix of IT providers of e-Cargo solutions and services

e-Cargo Vendor Action Group

The IT solution providers that form the e-cargo Vendor Action Group (VAG) support the current and future e-Cargo initiatives.

The VAG members have the opportunity to listen to customers, monitor the progress of each project, influence the future e-Cargo initiatives and help IATA to develop and enhance current standards.

The IATA e-Cargo technology survey

Technology survey

To understand and monitor the latest status of IT providers capabilities, IATA runs on an ongoing basis its e-Cargo Technology Survey. 

Scope of IATA e-Cargo technology survey

  • Products and services offered by the IT vendors: licensed software, ASP, SAAS, connectivity and other CCS services, CDMP, consultancy
  • e-Cargo projects currently covered by the products and services: e-AWB, e-freight, e-Security Consignment Declaration
  • Standard support of the documents and messages targeted for e-freight (Cargo-IMP, EDIFACT, Cargo-XML, other) :
    • Trade documents: Invoice, Packing list, Dangerous Goods Declaration, Certificate of Origin, Letter of Instruction, CITES Certificate
    • Transport documents: Air Waybill, House Waybill, House Manifest, Flight Manifest, Freight Booked List, Transfer Manifest
    • Customs documents: Exports Goods Declaration, Customs Release Export, Export Cargo Declaration, Import Cargo Declaration, Import Goods Declaration, Customs Release Import, Transit Declaration, Security Declaration
    • Additional documents, messages and special handling codes either mandatory or most commonly used in e-freight/e-AWB environments: pre-alerts, status updates, message acknowledgement, and more
  • Country coverage for:
    • Customer support, either local or remote
    • Connections to Customs

Download the September 2013-updated Capability Matrix!

The results of this continuous investigation is provided in the Capability Matrix of IT providers (pdf) of e-Cargo solutions and services.

Since February 2013 additional features have been added such as Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cargo Community System (CCS) services and connectivity. The September 2013 edition includes two additional providers of IT platforms from China and Hong Kong SAR, therefore strengthening the coverage of e-Cargo Technology services in this part of the world.

If you wish to provide feedback or if you are an IT provider interested in participating in the survey and being included in the Capability Matrix report, email


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