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Cargo Security

Strenghtening air cargo security

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Security is a critical element the of the air cargo supply chain which is vital to world trade. Despite the fact that air cargo industry has an excellent track record on security, recent events have raised some concerns. Regulators and industry are willing to work together to further secure the air cargo supply chain while ensuring the vital flow of commerce. 

To ensure that the experiences and constraints of the airline industry are considered in the development of effective aviation security regulations, IATA set up the Cargo Security Task Force (CSTF).

To support regulators and strengthen supply chain security, IATA and the industry are working on the following main initiatives.

A Center of Excellence

The IATA Center of Excellence for Independant Validators (CEIV) is a cost effective solution to improve air cargo security in compliance with regulation without disrupting the flow of cargo.

A standard for the Consignment Security Declaration

The Consignment Security Declaration (CSD) provides an audit trail of how, when and by whom cargo has been secured along the supply chain. To avoid local or stakeholders’ variations as much as possible, IATA developed a standard CSD and its electronic version, the e-CSD.

Risk assessment through the provision of advance information

The standard Advance Electronic Information facilitates risk assessment process by customs authorities. 

A supply chain security program

Secure Freight is an air cargo security project that ambitions to ensure that freight is protected from unlawful interference across the whole supply chain from shipper to consignee.



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