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Center of Excellence for Independent Validators

Aviation industry worldwide impacted by new EU ACC3 regulations

To enhance air cargo security, the EU obliged the "air cargo or mail carrier operating into the Union from a third country airport" to gain an ACC3 designation.

From 1st July 2014, an air carrier's designation will only continue to be valid, and so authorized to fly cargo into Europe, upon successful completion of an EU Aviation Security Validation performed by an Independent Validator accredited by an EU member state.

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IATA takes the lead in preparing the aviation industry


IATA has been encouraged by its member airlines and European Regulators to help prepare air carriers for the ACC3 EU Security Validation process. To respond to this demand, IATA Training and Development Institute created a pioneer Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) to train, advise and support industry stakeholders.

View the CEIV presentation (pdf) and the CEIV brochure (pdf)

The newly established CEIV offers a comprehensive solution in an effort to assist both the aviation industry and its regulators:

1. Pre-validation assessment guidelines and assistance (pdf)

2. Standard validation methodology and self-assessment tools: to help airlines and other entities test their state of readiness

3. Scope of countries and stations that need validation

4. Training courses to prepare validators and airlines

 5. Database of secure operators


IATA CEIV benefits the entire industry

  • Helps airlines meet regulations
  • Protects airlines' revenues as they will continue to fly cargo to Europe and not be banned
  • Reduces costs as validation processes and costs may be "mutualized" 
  • Provides assurance that independent validators auditing airlines and other entities are trained and assessed to a common, approved and documented standard
  • Can be expanded to validate ground handlers, forwarders and direct shippers and could be adapted to meet the core requirements of other regulators adopting similar laws 

View the IATA CEIV list of Accredited Independent Validators (pdf)

The document is maintained by IATA using personal data reported by the trained validators. In case the user of this document finds information in the  document that is not aligned with its own experience, he/ she is invited to report the matter to IATA.    


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